Sunday, June 19, 2011

our week

Howdy.  How is everyone?  We have had a week of  a  few milestones.  I actually forgot that Che was 18 months last Saturday.  We are climbing everything, mimicking eveything Dada does, dancing, putting some words together ("get down")  and loves saying "hello" to all that he meets.  We are eating more but still wanting to breast feed, like all the time.  I only just feel like I am keeping up.

Dada had his own birthday and we had a date out for dinner for the first time in 18 months. Babcia kindly looked after the little man and we dined on Japanese food.  It felt so strange to part of the world again.  Looking around at all the other diners.  Feeling like I have been on some other planet.  By 9pm I was stuffed and ready for bed. 

Some inspiring books to read  for planning our new home.

                             Che's beach rocks.

We had a country drive today to Exeter.  There was a family gathering for Marty's father's 90th birthday.  Brunch at the warm and inviting General Store.  Having cousins play and laugh together is so heart warming.

We have a month until we head off to Broken Hill.  My goodness I need to get my act together.  I have a list of cupboards to sorted out and cleaned, op shop runs, craft projects to be completed, thank you packages
to be dispatched, many forms to be filled out, authorites to be notified, resigning of rental lease.

I just wanted to let people know who read here that I am seriously thinking of ending my blogging journey.  I so want to keep visiting all the amazing clever, creative people who I have enjoyed so much and want to thank those special people who have left their sweet words or hand of friendship in becoming a follower.  It is a connection that has changed me forever.

It is a complicated thing, but it is just a gut feeling and I often have to run with this.


A Farmer's Wife said...

I think there is a time for everything. And sometimes it is time for things to end... You will know the right time.

Take good care lovely Jill.

fairchildstreet said...

I have had a few breaks and it was the best thing and I am sure there will be breaks to come in the future. Do what is right for you.

Jane said...

Oh, Jill, I'm so sorry to read this. I hope you're okay. I am having my first bloggy break and have found it good for the soul. But you know yourself best. Fare well, my friend. J x

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

oh Jill, I adore this heartwarming space you have here.

I always go with my instinct so understand your decision as well.

Take care....x

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Happy Birthday to all! 18 months is wonderful, I love the imitations!

Happy date night. That first one feels really odd, I recall. I spent the whole dinner feeling like I'd forgotten something!

Blogging can ebb and flow, you can leave and come back when it's right for you. You'll be missed!

Good luck with it all!

trudi@maudeandme said...

Sorry to hear that you may stop blogging. But hopefully it may just be break. I would love to see what you do with those books. All the best.

Naturally Carol said...

After just feeling I have got to know you a little I will miss you if that's what you decide, but blogging does take up a lot of time and energy and sharing your family with the world is not the easies thing to do in so many ways. All the best in whatever and wherever you decide to do and go!

Jane said...

Jill, it would be sad to say goodbye, but as your other loyal blogfriends acknowledge, you have to do what's best for you. You know that saying that 'some people come into your life for a reason, a season, a lifetime'? maybe we are all a reason, perhaps to see you on your way. I hope you feel stronger for the blogging journey. Jane x

Georgie said...

Oh Jill, we've just met! I would love to see more of your travels but understand if blogging doesn't fit. It does take a lot of energy... gxo

Naomi said...

I love visiting your blog, but do what you think is best... I know when I am feeling a bit over it I just step back for a while... and I always try to remember it's my blog, my way. xxx

nicole said...

hi jill. i can understand about the blog thing. i think sometimes it's good to be totally in the now - concentrating on just you and your family. and then other times it's fun to connect with other people and to share.

i can't and don't want to blog every day. i need time to just be and not think. and other times, i feel creative and expressive. this is just right for me.

ps. may the journey to broken hill be a gentle one for you and your family.

Kim H said...

Hi Jill,

Well I'm the selfish follower and I'm going to say ...DON'T LEAVE!!! PLEASE!!!!!

This is such a lvoely, cosy spot to hang out in and it would be so sad if it was no more. Could you just blog a little less, maybe. Just for awhile and see how things go? I just think this is such a lvoely thing to be doing for your son too. Recording his little, lovely life. He'll look back with such thankfulness that you did this for him and for yourself of course.

I hate goodbyes and I hate it when lovely blogs stop. I am the most selfish blogger. I'm sorry:( Whatever you choose though, I wish you all the absolute best....please don't stop! xx