Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i wonder how many will watch ?

Tonight I will defintely be turning on the tv.  To me the rhetoric over asylum seekers arriving by boat is shameful.  This screening on sbs I think is a landmark in reality tv but I do doubt how many Australians will sit and watch.

The q and a on the sbs website begins with an estimate of how many new immigrants to Australia arrive by boat.  The answer is 1.5%.

I'm sorry to blog about something that people would rather not hear.  It can be a 'sugar coated' village at times.  People just want to see happy colours and beautiful things.  And I do too.

Thanking those sweet people for their words.  I am not sure what I will do.  Maybe I do just need a big bloggy break. I do have a bit on my plate at the moment.  I do feel a bit sad about stopping.  Can I ask, have any of you had friends shy away from you because you have revealed you blog?

The cold change has just come through here.  It is grey and bleak outside.  Not sure if the doggies will get their walk today.

Take care my friends.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

our week

Howdy.  How is everyone?  We have had a week of  a  few milestones.  I actually forgot that Che was 18 months last Saturday.  We are climbing everything, mimicking eveything Dada does, dancing, putting some words together ("get down")  and loves saying "hello" to all that he meets.  We are eating more but still wanting to breast feed, like all the time.  I only just feel like I am keeping up.

Dada had his own birthday and we had a date out for dinner for the first time in 18 months. Babcia kindly looked after the little man and we dined on Japanese food.  It felt so strange to part of the world again.  Looking around at all the other diners.  Feeling like I have been on some other planet.  By 9pm I was stuffed and ready for bed. 

Some inspiring books to read  for planning our new home.

                             Che's beach rocks.

We had a country drive today to Exeter.  There was a family gathering for Marty's father's 90th birthday.  Brunch at the warm and inviting General Store.  Having cousins play and laugh together is so heart warming.

We have a month until we head off to Broken Hill.  My goodness I need to get my act together.  I have a list of cupboards to sorted out and cleaned, op shop runs, craft projects to be completed, thank you packages
to be dispatched, many forms to be filled out, authorites to be notified, resigning of rental lease.

I just wanted to let people know who read here that I am seriously thinking of ending my blogging journey.  I so want to keep visiting all the amazing clever, creative people who I have enjoyed so much and want to thank those special people who have left their sweet words or hand of friendship in becoming a follower.  It is a connection that has changed me forever.

It is a complicated thing, but it is just a gut feeling and I often have to run with this.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

shadows at the beach

Today we descended down to Wollongong (the Gong).  The drive takes us through gorgeous farmland of Glenquarry and down the tortuous road of Macquarie Pass.  When we arrived we noticed that their was such lightness and  much bare flesh on display.  There were those who were barefooted and then those that had the summer aussie look of t shirts and thongs. Then there were the  very adventourous that were in their bikinis and braving the salt water.  We peeled off our winter layers.  The wind was off shore.  The waves were dotted with keen sufers.

The beach in winter.  There is something so beautiful and calming about it.  I guess it is something about the gentle light.  The lack of crowds.  Seeing people with smiles on their faces in the winter sun.

We collected some smooth beach rocks with interesting streaks of colour through them.  Then treated ourselves to  hot chocolate and blueberry crumble  at the diggers cafe at North Beach, which looks directly onto the ocean.  

Seeing the blue horizon today really lifted our spirits and feed our souls.

Take away pizza on the way home.  Little man a bit hyper.  Late to bed tonight.  But it has been a good day.

Hoping your weekend is filled with warmth and happiness.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

my creative space

I am calling this process punk crotchet.  When you dont have any real knowledge or skill in what you are doing but are willing to give it a go.  From the experimentation with different pattern squares for disclothes I just kept on the same  rhythm  and made a neck warmer.  Made with wool/cotton blend.  As the pattern has in built holes I found buttons that could easily fit through and hold it there.  Great for my sore neck and these very icy cold days.
Next was trying to crotchet a flower.  Searching on the net and in the book I have, I tried a very simple pattern and then decided to keep going and make a necklace.
                       What do you think?
            Would someone like it as a present?
Looking forward to making more flowers with more petals.  Do you know of any good links?
            More creative spaces here

post script

I had a pretty busy day at work.
Baby now in bed.

Here I will try and give the pattern from the spotlight book: The Big Book of Dishcolths, by Leisure Arts.  It is in US code.  Sorry for those who use UK one.  This is for the cowl/neck warmer.

I need to add that I used a size 4 crotchet needle and yarn was merino/cotton blend.  I used almost 2 x 50gm balls.

Chain 43

Row 1 (Right side) 2 dc in 5th chain from hook, ch 1, 2 dc in next chain, * skip next 3 chains, 2dc in next ch, ch 1, 2dc in next ch; repeat from * across to last 2 chs, skip next ch, dc in last ch.  Hence 34 sts and 8 ch-1 spaces.

loop a short piece of yarn or marker to mark row 1 as right side.

Row 2  Ch 3, turn; 2dc, ch1 and 2 dc in each ch1 space across to last 2 dc, skip last 2 dc, dc in next chain.

Row 3   Ch 3, turn; 2 dc ch1 and 2 dc in next ch1 space,* ch 2, skip next 2 dc, sc tightly around space of last 2 rows, ch 2.  (This will be the manoeuvre that makes the little diamond holes in the pattern).  Then 2 dc , ch1, 2dc in next ch 1 space.  Repeat from * across to last 2 dc, skip last 2 dc, dc in next chain.

Row 4  Ch 3 and turn.  2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc in next ch 1 space, * skip next 2 ch - 2 sps, 2 dc, ch1 2 dc in next ch 1 space.  Rpt from  * across to last 2 dc, skip last 2 dc, dc in next ch.

Row 5  Ch 3, turn.  2dc, ch1, 2dc in next ch 1 space across to last 2 dc, skip last 2 dc. dc in next ch.

Then simply repeat Rows 3-5 until desired length of neck cowl/warmer.  I ended in with a Row 3 to give the scalloped edge.

Clear as mud?

It took me a little bit of befuddling in my head, but once on a swing it works up quite quickly.

I hope this helps.  Let me know if there is a problem.

Drinking a nice glass of chilean wine from happy patient.  Bliss.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a big thank you - part 2

I sit down tonight to express my thanks for my almost 18 months of blogging.  Today Marty stayed home so I could get some rest during the day.  He took Che to see his Djadja (grandfather) who turns 90 tomorrow.  Simon is now in a local nursing home after suffering a stroke. He still has all his wits about him and has had such an interesting life.  Being a young Engineer in Poland at the outbreak of WW2.  Escaping to then Palenstine.  His journey to finally Australia in 1948 was a long one and later his wife Helen followed  also from Poland.  We have been wanting them to write their story down.

I have been enthused by Chairmane's post today as a way to list my thankfuls particulary over the last 12 months in blogland.  Yesterday I wrote about my blogging beginings and my lovely inspirers.  Everyday I fall upon new wonderful blogs but I just wanted to make a special mention of what I have gained by visiting these wonderful spaces.

Meagan from ecomilf.  Meagan always makes me think and her blog is a wonderful reference for living more ethically and sustainably.  Great wholefood recipes too.  I won one of her giveaways too.  A cute little elephant.

Emma Lamb who is the most wonderful crafter with her crotchet and her use of colour lifts my day.

Vicki from Serendipity.  I have to say my most faithful reader.  Since our moving house Vicki has been there all the way.  Her kind words, her reflections on family and life.  Her blog is so serene.  Love to you Vicki.

Emma from Frog, Goose and Bear.   I can only aspire to be a mother like her.  Her easy peasy dinner meals have really hit the spot.

Rachel from Mogantosh.  Always a rocking good read and often a good chuckle.  I admire her a lot. Her family is growing and they have been through some tough times recently.  My thoughts are with them.

Maxabella loves.  What can I say.  The current reigning Queen in blogland, in my view.  Her weekly gratitude linky has lead me to so many wonderful places.

Kootoyoo, for  her creative space. 

My newly found friends, Felicity from Gifts of Serendipity.  The week is planned out for me with exploring words, art and new places.  You should check out her very generous giveaway.

The most amazing Jennie from Posie Patchwork - the blog.  Her prolific crafts and her gorgeous children and her insatiable appetite for life.  We have a lovely linen set I won on one of her giveaways too.

Jane from Planet Baby.  So excited to be following her moves into her new abode.  Jane is such a lovely gentle soul.  And yes I won one of her giveaways too.  Pretty good this blog thing,  for I don't think I had previously won anything in my life.

A very new place I am loving is Sophie Isobel's from Her Library Adventures.  Cannot wait to receive my postcard and I have entered her also very gorgeous and generous giveaway of her vintage collections.  Maybe my luck will continue.

I have made some very new friends in the last month too.  I am eagerly reading Life in the Country and Naturally Carol.  and Cathie's best ever recipes and her beautiful life at m.e. Many more to explore . Watch this space

So there you have it dear people. I feel like I have got quite a bit off my chest.  Maybe we will sleep better tonight.

Wishing everyone a good nights sleep.



a big thank you

It is 5 am in the morning and I cannot sleep.  Our blessed sleeping through is going all wonky.  I have been awake since 2.30 am.  Everyone else now is blissfully asleep.  There is some huge creature moving around in the roof cavity.  Rat or possum?

Going around in my head is the need to write a big thank you note to some special people.  To everyone who comes by this space and cares to read my ramblings, thank you.  To all those who have connected with their sweet words, big hugs to you.  I often have times of intense angst over whether to even have a blog.  The rumination and emergence of posts floating around in my head does take up a deal of headspace and I wonder if this energy and these thoughts could sometimes be put to better use.  I do love so much visiting others and am constantly uplifted and inspired by people's stories and their craft.

How I came to have a blog can be attributed to a mixture of inspiring sources.  A few years ago I heard Rhonda Jean on Radio National.  I had no idea what a blog was.  Down to Earth is a constant supply of good downright common sense and there is so much wisdom and instruction on living a more simpler life on offer.  I put my hand on my heart and say thank you so much.

Next I think another trigger was Tessa Kiros the cook and author of "Apples for Jam" and "falling cranberries",among others.  There was something the way these books are presented I thought about having aesthetic in one's life and how being creative and documenting the special moments in your life can put the jigsaw puzzle toghether and give more meaning.

When I purchased my first home I think I was so overwhelmed by now owning a termite damaged , crumbly old home that needed so much doing to it, I went searching for others personal experience of renovating.. But somehow I did not really stumble across actual blogs at the time.  I was looking in all the wrong places.  Then my sweet neighbour Leah, who has  a funky renovated house and is a very talented seamstress mentioned her own blog, Sean the Prawn.  If you have not dropped by there, I would highly recommend a visit, especially if you have a little girl. Then I discovered blogger.  Ah ha this is where everyone is.

Then lo and behold I fell pregnant.  I was so ill.  At 20 weeks I made a phone call to start doing some prenatal yoga classes.  There  I met the most young and beautiful and also wise for years Jodi.  Astoningshly I heard her mention her son's name Che.  I felt this overwhelming deja vu and connection.  If my child were to be a boy, that was the name I had chosen.  Tears came to my eyes in my first class as I lay there been guided by Jodi's dulcit tones through her yoga nidra.  Just before my due date I heard Jodi mention her blog, Che and Fidel.  well I was hooked.  I fell in love with her life and from there blog hopped around the world.

Once given birth and then realising that we would have to sell our home and where were we to go from there?  I impulsively one day clicked on create a blog, uploaded some photos and then hit the publish button.  My first posts were in fits and starts and I have learnt so much since then, but still quite a novice.

I will do a part 2 of this post as now I need to go to bed.  The little man should be waking up soon.

See ya.


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Linking in with the newly found gorgeous Sophie from Her Library Adventures for Flea Market Finds.

We desperately needed a tea cosy and little blue tea cup and saucer just matches so nicely.

Cute lime bread bin, fowler bowl and red saucepan to help make scrumby muffins.

Hope everyone is warm and dry and all little ones are tucked up into bed.


guess who is coming to dinner?

I received Jamie's 30 minute meals as a little pressie.  Last night I tried to put a page to the test.  The caulifower macaroni, chicory salad with insane basil and anchovy dressing and stewed peaches with vanilla ice cream.  I was doing well until I realised at 5pm after waking from a glorious afternoon kip ( we still have 4am starts with our little man) that  in fact we did not have all the ingredients.  Quick dash to Coles.  Back at 5.30 pm.  Used  a packet italian salad with radicchio instead and had pears instead of peaches.  Well in my small kitchen with hardly any bench space and not owning a food processor, it took me an hour.  But can I say the caulifower macaroni was a big hit, little man loved it and yes the basil anchovie dressing is deliciously insane.  Little man pulled a few faces with this one though.

Have you tried the 30 minute meal test?  What do think of Jamie?

I would be pretty proud if he were my son.

Anyway conversation around the dinner table was quick as  a little someone  becomes bored quickly and is still prone to a bit of food throwing if we get our timing wrong.  But a topic keeps coming up.  If you could invite anybody in the world to a dinner party , who would you ask?

Here is my list:

Jamie (he can help with the cooking)

Mick Jagger

Jim Jarmusch

Germaine Greer

The Dalai Lama

Micheal Nyman (composer for The piano).

Salmon Rushdie

Aung san suu kyi (hopefully free to do so)

I think conversation would be pretty interesting.  Now a few more come to mind but a dinner part for 8 guests would probably be my limit.

Big question really, but who would you like to invite?

Friday, June 10, 2011

ah the yearning

A very sweet Mama from my mother's group gave birth to a divine sweet squishy little baby girl last Saturday.  I guess all mothers go through this time.  Wondering if one should or could have another baby.  Feeling that yearning to make your family grow.  I am so blessed to have had my own little squishy one. But you know, the monthly flow starts again and you start counting the days.

Hmmm.  But I am coming up to being closer to 50 then 40.  I have nothing to compare to, but I am so tired.  My body aches and I feel that somedays I wish I had more energy and vitality to keep up with my little one.

I am so excited about my son growing up , and being a fine young man.  I have a little weep sometimes and wish him a little brother or sister.  But more often I have clear visions of us being great friends.  Visions of us being travel buddies.  Going to exotic and adventurous places together such as Patagonia and Bhutan.  Being a witness to his emerging life and all its possibilties.

Words cannot really express my gratitude.

Linking in with Maxabella again this week.  Thank you.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

morning walk

         Do love the birch tree, even though it is  not native.

                           Walk the dog, walk the dog.

                      Hope everyone is having a good day.

our creative space

Making lots of squares of different crotchet stitches to experiement and send off for little thank you gifts.  They are meant to be dishcloths.  I really got into the groove with these pretty patterns and just wanted to keep going but ran out of cotton.  I had the idea of making a longer version and ending up with a neck warmer.  Have been matching up with some vintage buttons.  Yesterday found some Amy Butler wool/cotton blend in a lovely lavender colour and have nearly finished one ball.  Maybe even learn how to make a flower corsage to sew onto it?  Love learning this new skill.

Dada has finished his handmade mallet from the Sturt School of Wood.  The head is made of Merbau and the handle is made of Jarra.  Now he is starting a small box.  He has hinted maybe a box for my  beads that are all over the dresser?

                        An abstract painting by our little man.

                            More creative spaces here

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


                                        a volkswagon from the year I was born

Do you love sitting in your car, all nice and cosy when it is freezing outside?  On the weekend we decided to get out of the house and drive down to Wingecarribee River and take all the boys for a walk.  Once there I felt so tired and my neck was really paining.  I declined the walk and all the boys set off.  The car was facing west on the rivers edge.  It was late afternoon and the sun was just above the hills.  I was bathed in its warm glow shielded by the cold chilly wind.  There was a group of local kiddos playing soccor in just shorts and t shirts.  They were having lots of fun.  I closed my eyes and just listened to the sounds, both near and far.  The warble of the Magpies, the arrogant laugh of the Kookaburra, the squeals of delight of goals been scored between the gum trees.  I love these moments.  Being fully present.  Empyting my mind.  Letting the sounds waft around me.  I love sitting in the car alone.  Do you?

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I have been really liking Kate Takes 5 weekly listography and enthused by A Farmer's wife post would  like to play along.  I really had to think hard about this weeks theme - five decisions that you are glad you made. Now in my mid forties, I feel I have re - invented myself many times.  There has been many chapters of my life.  I often have not made the best decisions.  I certainly could have been more successful in my chosen career, more steadfast and less emotional and less reactive.  But here I go:

1. Learning Yoga and Meditation from a young age.

    Time and time again re-invigorating my practice has steadied my soul and given me strength.  It  keeps me supple and calm.

2. Going to University.

 In fact I ended up  doing 2 Bachelor degress back to back.  That meant nine years of being a poor student, supporting myself through, wearing daggy trackie dacks and waitressing most nights.  But I lived in the most crazy fun student shared households.  I dabbled in the extra-ordinary and it really broadened my mind and horizons and gave me a perspective on this world that has led me to keep exploring and keep on learning.

3. Taking a trip to Darwin

On a whim I rang Darwin Hospital to see if there were any job opportunities.  I got a job in that phone call and in the next few weeks left my position in an inner city hospital and left for the wild frontier that is the Northern Territory.  I was only planning to stay for a year but then ended up staying five.  I do feel I gained some understanding of  Aboriginal culture and their connection to their land.  There are lots of endemic problems but it was an experience to me that opens up new possibilities for the future.  In Darwin I met the most free thinking people.  It was  a less materialistic way of living.  Very different to the East Coast.  Camping in Kakadu, living on the Tiwi islands, fishing, mud crabbing, sailing it was fantastic.  Oh yes and I met my man there.

4. Selling my house.

This was a hard one, but yes I do want to have it here.  You see about 6 months ago I became very regretful about this.  But now I have moved on and happy that this has been the best decision.  The story is I became pregnant very unexpectantly at age 43.  I am the main bread winner ( my partner is an Artist - say no more), we had purchased  a house a bit beyond our means and really it was a knockdown anyway but we took on this project as our baby of renovating it from inside out.  I really wanted to stay home with my one and only child.  We finished the renovations after our son was born, sold it and moved on.  A lot of people were unsure of our choices and some were a bit disappointed.  Now we are renters in a very cosy little cottage and I work only very part time and am now dabbling in art, gardening, cooking, walking and just lying in the sun.  I am very lucky that I can still have a career to return to.  One day another "home" will present itself, i'm sure.

5.  Making a conscious decision every day to find happiness and fun in each day.  Some days I do wake up as cranky pants.  But I realise how much I have an effect on how the day will pan out.  I take few deep breaths, get over myself and smile.  My little boy smiles back.

Thank you for giving me time to think about theses things.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

blog love

I really should be in bed but with the lure of blog hopping on a Saturday night stumbled across this gem. We could have kept going for a few hours. 


Thursday, June 2, 2011

en hiver

 For this first week of Winter, we have been like little bears.  With Mr Lurgy taking its toll, we have been hibernating.  There has been a lot happening in the big wild world, and like a  lot of other like-minded people I have been a bit emotionally affected.  I love animals.

Doing a bit of yarn over in those stolen moments when the little one sleeps, has helped me be more in the moment.  I am learning to make my chains a bit looser and to always try and count the stitches. Having ventured into a bit more of challenge, I have become stumped on row 4.  I think I will just keep going with how I understand the pattern  and then look back and see if it works.  The plan is to make a bundle of thank you packages.  My list is long.

The rain keeps on coming.  Cooped up with the kiddo and 2 loveable but wet stinky dogs is a test of patience.  Let us just say the place is a mess.  And there is no chocolate in the house.  We did take a walk in nature's corridor today.  My goodness the car is even worse.  The child restraint car seat is like a compost heap.  Even though there is a torrens pouring out of his nose and fevers have made him the grumpiest of grumpy, he still wanted to jump in every single puddle and "roll down, roll down roll down" the hill.  I am a bit of a slack Mama aren't I?

Drinking lots of rose hip tea, grated ginger and manuka honey.  Managed even a bit of baking.   The days are short.  When I am at home it just seems like forever cooking, cleaning, putting everything back into the cupboards that has been dragged out, constantly wiping little ones nose and washing the clothes that have been smeared with snot.

How my own Mother ever did it?  Three young ones at home all under 4 at age 22  and then a single mother living in a housing commission flat.  I am always thinking of what it really was like for her being alone looking after us girls.  Yes these were my humble beginings.  I have been very lucky.  Now I have a warm house, an amazing supportive partner, a back up career and all the modern conveniences at my disposal.  Ever so grateful.

Thank you for reading my rambles once again.  It is just nice writing things down.  Making a catalogue of my thoughts.  I often feel that this may be quite banal to others.  But I like to do it.  More of a thrill though is reading the life and creations of others.  I think that is what I enjoy most.  And there are some amazing blogs and amazing creative people  out there. 

Hope this first week of winter finds you happy and healthy.  Or if you are lucky enough to be so far North of us, savour every moment of the sun and warmth.