Monday, December 12, 2011


A small party for family and especially for cousins and little one.  There was a cracker of a storm but a pocket  of sunshine where we could eat outside with our baked fish, home made potato salad (thanks Babcia) and poached beetroots with thyme and the home made cakes that I stayed up until 2.30 am baking and decorating.  The lolly train was a hit with the kiddos.  For bigger people there was a scrumptuous pear and chocolate cake, made twice and stacked.  I highly recommend this cake.  From the most amazing blog for recipes my darling lemon thyme.  I used almond meal rather than linseed meal and wholemeal spelt flour rather than potato flour. The pear really came through, the cake is not to sweet and the orange chocolate icing really gives the punch to pull it all together.  Yummo!

Not many photos were taken as I am a novice at this party thing, despite my age and I was running a bit.  As I lay in bed before the birthday boy woke up, on early Sunday morning those memories of birthing two years ago were all so intense.  For this day I really wanted to enjoy the moment.  Not feel overwhelmed by the preparations.  Being together as a family is what really mattered.

                         Che thinks everything of his cousins.  He recites their names as he drifts off to sleep.

                                                    We love you, you crazy kook of a boy.

                                                      Happy happy  birthday Che.

Friday, December 9, 2011

up early

Actually I think I have been awake since 4 am.  I have been up pottering around now since 5.  Made a pot of tea (trying not to add sugar now) and had Berrima baked bread toasted and Che has slept into now. 5.55am. I have never managed to do this, since he has been born.

Some chrissy decorations are up.  Now just got to make the birthday cake for this weekend.  My inspiration is from here.  Any tips?  Should I do the packet butter cake thing or make some very healthy concoction like pear and chocolate cake made with spelt flour and rice flour.  Making the cake tomorrow as working today.  And hope to put it together early morning Sunday.

Have a good day everyone.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


                              Do often find time your friend and your foe.  Best if time is slow I think.  Thanks Sally.

Breakfast here often seems to stretch out for 2 hours.   Up at 5.30am, cuddle and breast feed ( our only one left ) and then the snacking begins.  Trying to get some protein to last the morning.  Having almond meal in our porridge.  A tea cup seems to appeal.

Made borscht from Women's weekly slow cooker recipe book.  I  through caution into the wind and invited Babcia over for an early tea.  This recipe was probably more of the Russian style.  The Polish version has more beetroot and less cabbage and the potatoes are served as a side dish rather than within.  I got lots of great tips and next time I will also add some white beans and more vinegar.  It was pretty yummy with natural yoghurt on top.

                                                                                Oh and of course lots of dill.

Thanking you lovely ladies for your kind words of friendship and encouragement on my last post.  The days go by and being your real self is what matters most.   Sending you all warm and caring thoughts and hope you have the time to day to breath and be.

A new place I like to go and practice my french.  The lights and the words are very calming.  Ledansla.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

around here

There is the heady scent of the invasive honeysuckle and the fickle spring weather which means sometimes nudie and then the next day wrapped up in our scarfs and cords.

It has taken some time to adjust being back in the Eastern Metropolis.  The days go quickly and there just has not been time to come and post here.  Although I have been around to visit you all most days, but have not been up to the commitment of late.

I do cherish the connections I have made here.  Your spaces really light up my day and forge me into being a functional person and not so introspective.

I do find my work isolating even though I am with people everyday.  There are people I would really like to befriend and make play dates with their children but I have no other way of connecting outside of work and wonder if it is inappropriate to initiate a social connection.

It has just been the timing that has not matched well in making opportunities to be more connected with others.

How do you find it?  Being connected with the local.  There are many more ways I know that I need to seek out.  And more time.
Our family is well. Our Danny boy back lab is still wagging his tail, now eating his dinner and loving his daily walk, despite the cancer diagnosis.  WE WILL BE BASKET CASES WHEN HE IS NO LONGER WITH US.  But until then we love and cuddle him every day.

Chester our Cavoodle had the most dreadful haircut from the Broken Hill RSPCA.  It was almost shameful to take him out.  He looked like a pea head on a sausage.  I think I should learn  how to clip myself.

Marty travels 3 hours one way on the train for his work in the city.  We do love it here but we really have been missing our old friends on the coast.  Hence a bit too much time on .

We both have been asked to return to work in BH.

So , yes, we are a bit all over the place.

One week now for a birthday for an almost two year old who can count to four, knows his primary colours and  his very frequent phrase is " go away Mama" and then has a melt down if I do.

I have done no party preparations or even thought about Christmas.  This is my project for the weekend.

Thanks for reading if you have come  this far.

Much love