Tuesday, December 7, 2010


What can I say about our Danny boy, our much loved black lab.  Born 3/9/2002 in Darwin.  Danny has been up and down this continent with me and is now showing some wear and tear. So sad when one day you realise gosh my dog is now old, he has aged.  Grey and limping but always up for a swim and ball chase.  Danny in true lab style is always in your way. Needing to step over him to get through the doorway.  Such a gentle soul, but often has passive aggressive tendencies.  He has never been interested in chasing anything.  Live and let live.  He will  dig to china on the beach, but leaves our garden alone.  He especially loves our son and Che adores him.  There is a symbiotic relationship with food between the two of them.  I know it sounds silly but it is Danny that stops me from going and working remote again.  I just dont think he would cope very well.
Love ya Dan.xx J

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