Monday, March 29, 2010

wrapping misadventures

Che is almost 4 months old and I am still trying to learn the way he really wants to sleep. Yes he is one of the many houdinis that arrive on this earth able to escape the ever so tightly wrapped swaddler. Have not found the perfect swaddle or the most perfect sling to date. I decided early on I did not want battles with sleep. I have taken all the easy paths, including co sleeping. I figured I have had 43 years of sleeping with no babe, ever so grateful to have these blissful moments. Besides spent many nights as junior dr on call in hospital with pager going off, or unable to sleep with the anticipation of it doing so, and worrying about having to attend an arrest, worst of all a paediatric one. Hence often the evenings are having a bath together, breast feeding and snuggling down together and often having an early night. Know that will wake frequently for Che to feed, but so used to this now. Overall so happy. The days just go by in a blur and I am proud of myself so far.