Thursday, November 10, 2011

home sweet home

And how sweet it is!  Wearied travellers arriving home to a dusted house and lawn all mowed, by sweet family and friends.  To sleep in one's own bed.  Soft grass underfoot.  Forgotten toys making a little boy so full of joy.  Everything is so green.  I feel so comforted by the little things that make up our home.

To say I am weary, well.  Do you have that feeling lying in bed where you feel your body does not exist? I certainly need to start doing some exercise to have some mind-body connection again.

This week has found me dozing at every opportunity.  A rental inspection on Tuesday made us unpack quickly though.  It seems like hundreds of loads of washing has been done and line drying has been snuck in between spring rain.  How sultry has this weather been?

An unfortunate moment occurred on our first weekend here.  Lightly dropping into a garage sale around the corner, within a few seconds of not looking poor Che was attacked by a neighbours Jack Russel and bitten many times over the face,  especially around his left eye.  Mainly puncture wounds and scratches.  He is alright now.  At these times I tend to pull in close and not lash out.  No reports made.  Owners feel guilty enough.

Already, there are plans being put to tempt us on more adventures.  But breathing in the peace and solace of our abode.

Much love