Friday, August 26, 2011

our creative space

Being surrounded by Desert, we have had to think a bit more where we can play and walk the dogs.  Driving about 10km out of town to the dry river beds has been a favourite spot.  The Galahs in the Red River gum trees squawking at the dogs and all the red dirt to dig and run around safely in makes it winner for a morning or afternoon trip.

On this trip we decided to make a humpy.  It is really Dada's and little man's creation.

Thinking that we might take a picnic basket out one early evening and watch the sunset.  Maybe boil some billy tea too on our own campfire.  Or maybe wait for that one until someone is a bit older?

For me I borrowed my boss' Janome and made up this little book bag.  I  am very chuffed with my beginner's effort.  I have not had much time for crotchet yet. I fall asleep on the couch watching The Renovator's every evening.  Don't you think the rapid eliminations have been too brutal?

I love linking in to see other's creative space here.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Broken Hill

The view from the top of our Street
There has been a prolonged silence in this space, however we have been totally consumed by settling in and making our nest cosy and workable.  Restocking the larder for home cooked meals.  Establishing new routines and places to sleep.  Finding our way around the town.  Starting a new job with so many layers.  A few reasons for the slackness in blogging.  But I have been wondering what you are all up to and flitting around in a very spare moment with no time to comment.

Broken HIll, population of 20, 000 people has a certain laid back vibe.  The township and houses are mostly all still very original. It still feels like a pioneering town.  Old tin miners cottages, with no nasty 1970's reno job done.  But that is for another post.

On route here we met a fabulous couple who are Coppas.  They used to live in Cobar.  They commented that Broken Hill is a good place to start working out west as it has a BIG W.  The woman related that when in Cobar every few months a group of her girlfriends would attach the trailer to the Prado and drive 3 hours to Dubbo and load up with Big W purchases.  Growing up in Sydney she was a DJ's girl.    But Big W here certainly is the centre of the outback, shopping wise.

I would have to say the town is very friendly, and feels very safe.  I love the big wide open streets.  The characters coming in from the outstations.  And the customer service in the shops is really heart warming.

Work has been great.  Very busy but it makes me feel worthwhile. Adjusting to working full-time though has been hard and at times I have felt so fatigued.  Marty and Che have been troopers.  Now I think we are full swing.  Would have to say though really yearning for a later wake up call then 4am.  One day....

I am going to sign off with some pictures of Silverton.  25 Km west of Broken Hill.  There has been a lot of rain here so it is very green  now around these parts.

Very much hoping to touch base with dear friends soon.  I have missed you.