Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Time and place of being has moved on for us and it has taken a lot out of us.  We are so happy to be back in our old hood, however life at times has seemed a bit precarious.  Emotions and naughtiness have been riding high for our little one.  Taking our stride, re-connecting and finding our rhythm.

We were planning another stint out west but through feeling so exhausted and then comforted by our friends and old work colleagues we are in the process of making the difficult decision to say no.  Something I always find hard to do.  My old work place still has my name on the door.   Very clever.

A thought came into my head about motherhood this morning.  It seems the goal posts keep on shifting.  Just when you think you are on top of things.  Shazaam.  Very humbling.

Or maybe it is that I tend to over-think?  Each parenting decision seems like a huge one.

I am still towing the line in trying to finish projects from last year.  We have made a little play space for all of us and I sneek in there alone during nap time.  I started this lap quilt in the latter of 2011.  I started using Pip's pattern from her book 'Make Hey".  However I did want to have it a bit more snuggly in the end and decided to insert some cotton batting but had already cut the backing fabric the same size as the top.  I discovered through flipping through various other patterns how to make it up otherwise.  But now not sure what to do with the quilting.  Being a complete novice I think I might attempt the old fashioned hand "tying" technique with some embroidery thread.   Bit scared to do the "stitch in the ditch".  Quilter's advice anyone?

                                               Sorry, just had to put these last two photos in.  We miss you Dan.

Thanking you for reading.  I really love having this space and popping around the blogosphere visiting old and new friends.  Have a great week everyone.

p.s Thanking Jodi for the winning of her dragonfly toy giveaway.  Very handsome home made Steiner boy doll.  He has been named Charlie Mickie.   And another lovely Jodi  for her handmade picture book bunting giveaway.  We had a lucky week.