Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a big thank you - part 2

I sit down tonight to express my thanks for my almost 18 months of blogging.  Today Marty stayed home so I could get some rest during the day.  He took Che to see his Djadja (grandfather) who turns 90 tomorrow.  Simon is now in a local nursing home after suffering a stroke. He still has all his wits about him and has had such an interesting life.  Being a young Engineer in Poland at the outbreak of WW2.  Escaping to then Palenstine.  His journey to finally Australia in 1948 was a long one and later his wife Helen followed  also from Poland.  We have been wanting them to write their story down.

I have been enthused by Chairmane's post today as a way to list my thankfuls particulary over the last 12 months in blogland.  Yesterday I wrote about my blogging beginings and my lovely inspirers.  Everyday I fall upon new wonderful blogs but I just wanted to make a special mention of what I have gained by visiting these wonderful spaces.

Meagan from ecomilf.  Meagan always makes me think and her blog is a wonderful reference for living more ethically and sustainably.  Great wholefood recipes too.  I won one of her giveaways too.  A cute little elephant.

Emma Lamb who is the most wonderful crafter with her crotchet and her use of colour lifts my day.

Vicki from Serendipity.  I have to say my most faithful reader.  Since our moving house Vicki has been there all the way.  Her kind words, her reflections on family and life.  Her blog is so serene.  Love to you Vicki.

Emma from Frog, Goose and Bear.   I can only aspire to be a mother like her.  Her easy peasy dinner meals have really hit the spot.

Rachel from Mogantosh.  Always a rocking good read and often a good chuckle.  I admire her a lot. Her family is growing and they have been through some tough times recently.  My thoughts are with them.

Maxabella loves.  What can I say.  The current reigning Queen in blogland, in my view.  Her weekly gratitude linky has lead me to so many wonderful places.

Kootoyoo, for  her creative space. 

My newly found friends, Felicity from Gifts of Serendipity.  The week is planned out for me with exploring words, art and new places.  You should check out her very generous giveaway.

The most amazing Jennie from Posie Patchwork - the blog.  Her prolific crafts and her gorgeous children and her insatiable appetite for life.  We have a lovely linen set I won on one of her giveaways too.

Jane from Planet Baby.  So excited to be following her moves into her new abode.  Jane is such a lovely gentle soul.  And yes I won one of her giveaways too.  Pretty good this blog thing,  for I don't think I had previously won anything in my life.

A very new place I am loving is Sophie Isobel's from Her Library Adventures.  Cannot wait to receive my postcard and I have entered her also very gorgeous and generous giveaway of her vintage collections.  Maybe my luck will continue.

I have made some very new friends in the last month too.  I am eagerly reading Life in the Country and Naturally Carol.  and Cathie's best ever recipes and her beautiful life at m.e. Many more to explore . Watch this space

So there you have it dear people. I feel like I have got quite a bit off my chest.  Maybe we will sleep better tonight.

Wishing everyone a good nights sleep.




Felicity said...

What a treasure you are Jill.

I'm not sure now who introduced us [I have a feeling it may have been sweet Jane] but I am thankful that you have popped into my life with your warmth, wisdom and style.

The friends that we make in Blogland are truly gifts of serendipity - unexpected & lovely and I feel honoured to be included on your list.

The only friend we don't have in common is amazingly Vicki from 'Serendipity', I'm scooting over now to say "Hi."

Happy day to you!

xx Felicity

Anonymous said...

lovely links! x

Anonymous said...

lovely links! x

Unknown said...

Some lovely blogs for me to visit. I recently visited Her Library Adventures and am now following. 18 months of blogging well done! Look forward to another 18 months of sharing

Vicki said...

Dearest Jill,
I wish 'Thank you' came with a zippy tune and some balloons because I'd be giving you the best one on the shelf!
It's been such a comfort to me so many times to read your posts, to know that there is such a good, kind, insightful and loving person and mother out there, every day, you're there putting your best forward despite whatever is going on. This week I'm grateful to you and all that you bring to our table.