Saturday, June 18, 2011

shadows at the beach

Today we descended down to Wollongong (the Gong).  The drive takes us through gorgeous farmland of Glenquarry and down the tortuous road of Macquarie Pass.  When we arrived we noticed that their was such lightness and  much bare flesh on display.  There were those who were barefooted and then those that had the summer aussie look of t shirts and thongs. Then there were the  very adventourous that were in their bikinis and braving the salt water.  We peeled off our winter layers.  The wind was off shore.  The waves were dotted with keen sufers.

The beach in winter.  There is something so beautiful and calming about it.  I guess it is something about the gentle light.  The lack of crowds.  Seeing people with smiles on their faces in the winter sun.

We collected some smooth beach rocks with interesting streaks of colour through them.  Then treated ourselves to  hot chocolate and blueberry crumble  at the diggers cafe at North Beach, which looks directly onto the ocean.  

Seeing the blue horizon today really lifted our spirits and feed our souls.

Take away pizza on the way home.  Little man a bit hyper.  Late to bed tonight.  But it has been a good day.

Hoping your weekend is filled with warmth and happiness.



Sydney Shop Girl said...

It was a beautiful day for the beach!

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Naturally Carol said...

Love those shadow pictures and wide expanses of sand! Beautiful day.

fairchildstreet said...

Ah sounds like a lovely day.

emm said...

Oh wow, your day looks a lot nicer than ours here in Perth. Rainy and windy today. We didn't even leave the house!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh lovely, we love the beach in Winter, what is not to love, especially when you're from our chillier areas, the beach is always warmer than home!! Love Posie