Sunday, May 29, 2011

Taking stock on this Sunday morning

               We definitely are porridge people for breakfast

 A very sweet package in the post.  Thank you so much Jane.  Very lucky to win this prize in your giveaway.  How you have found the time with all that is going?  Hoping that the madness is petering out.

Pottering around the house this morning. Thinking of creative ventures and when to find the time.  The sun is breaking through the moisture laden clouds.  Little man and his father in the backyard with the pooches.

Would like to thank people for their kind thoughts.  Digging deep for patience and knowing this is just a phase.

Will see how the day unfolds.

Hoping everyone is having a lovely Sunday morning.


Friday, May 27, 2011

on my mind

Somehow and I am so baffled why our mornings now  start at 4am.  I have always wanted to be a morning person.  Trying to keep positive and make allowances so we can move through this phase with some grace.

What's on your mind today?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's in a name

                                   Meet Billy Boy.

Actually our little man just calls him "Boy".  He is not handmade or thrifted.  He was a recent gift from Babcia.  He was received at just the right time.  It is only now really that Che has been more into cuddling his softies and seeing them as distinct entities.  Boy is now with our naps and sleeps and a general all round good guy.

It is an intersting process choosing a name.  I have always been quite spontaneous and intuitive.  As soon as I found my dogs as young puppies their name just popped into my head.  My sons name  came to me  in the middle of a night  in my late 20's.  If I ever have a son I am going to call him Che, were my thoughts.

Whilst I was living and working in the Northern Territory,  I was taken back by the humour and take on western names that local indigenous people would choose.  Of course they would have their traditioal names but to interact with Balandas (white people) there were names such as "Astro Boy", "Diesel Engine", "Ceclia Chainsaw", "Tea Bag" and "Ding Dong".  I love how they seemed to have taken something that was relevent in white man's environment, as their own.

I came across a comment recently in my reading, not sure of the original source, "Being white is like having an invisible passport".  It really resonated with me for some time.

Maybe when Billy Boy grows ups, you never now he may one day become a revolutionary?

                Ah but he can be whoever he really wants to be.  The world is his oyster.

So to invite discussion, how did you choose the names for your loved ones, furry or skin covered?

Monday, May 23, 2011

today i'm loving and interested in

                These Autumn days that are fastly fading.

I have been searching for an Australian vintage tray for my breakfast.  There are so many french imitation ones around.  The do look lovely but these finches really made my heart sing. I love our native birds.  Their cheekiness, their prehistoric cries, their amazing ability of surviving in harsh remote environments and their beautiful songs.

               A sweet floral crystal glass bowl .  Just right for a salad or fruit compote.  And some divine indian linen napkins that one can embroider your initials in deep red thread.

I am sad that a most beautiful shop is closing down in my neighbourhood.  It has the fabrics stock that one dreams about and is full of such creative possibilities. When I heard the rent that is asked in this district I was quite shocked.  At least $3000 a week!  I have been popping in and out and thinking and planning what I could start off as a sewing project.  Being such a novice  I always left in awe and empty handed.  Soon they will no longer be, so enthused by the 25-50% sale I am plotting my way.  I just started now with some sample fabric cut offs and am currently ploughing through the very few sewing books I have to create "my stash".  Not anything to adventurous but would love to start off with a simple bag for my little man to collect his sticks and stones, an apron for me and maybe even a tote  bag and a matching belt.

I also lashed out on some felt pieces and also very cute little balls of felt.  Thinking of making a garland to decorate Che's room.  Any ideas anyone how to hang this together?

Oh yeh, and some travel cups for our trip to work in Broken Hill.  This is now in writing.  No backing out now.

Lastly this afternoon whilst sipping my cup of warm 'AKTA -VITE" (it says on the tin for nursing mothers and that is still me), I was listening to Counter Point on Radio National.  It was an interview with David Engwicht, from Creative Communities.  It caught my attention in how he admitted after years working in community consultations, it doesn't work.  Thousands of dollars are spent and it often ends up  with community forums where there is complete externalisation of the blame and no individuals of the community are taking any responsibility.  The perception that we pay our taxes, we elect local councils and government and they should fix it.  Often the consultation never gets to the root of the problem.  He gave an example where a community in NZ were going to have to spend $50 000 to put in speed humps in residential areas to curb traffic flow.  But when really asked what was the main concern of residents it was that there were a few young lads who do burnouts in their cars at night.  He asked had anyone asked them to stop.  Of course not.  He approached them and realised this was not a design issue it was a social problem.  What the boys wanted was a place to indulge in their cars and have a right all time.  They were bored and a bit disenfranchised.  There was an abandned air strip that was made available.  The boys happily moved on.  Wow.  Can it always be this simple?  I am really interested in this stuff.

This is probably my longest post ever.

Hope all are having a good week.

PS.  Thank you for reading my ramblings and especially new followers.  How very blessed am I?

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today the light was calming.  The weather was really mild.  I walked around in a thin cotton top.  This morning was dedicated to paperwork.  I have to say that the digital computerised world has only increased my load of paper work.  Bad habits have slowly crept in and the various piles were mounting.  One organisational tactic that I know does works well for me is to pay bills/attend to matters as soon as Mr Postman delivers them.  Take things out of the inbox into the already sent as soon as possible.   Keep that flow of paper going round and round.  I know.  Otherwise you end up in the fiery HELL of a place to be.

"Looking after your own patch".  A most dear friend wrote to me.  Events this week that involved my family has been in my thoughts.  My family over the generations is large.  My maternal grandfather was one of 14 children.  My mother is one of 9.  But there has been disputes and years of one not taking to another.  It becomes so complicated.  Though a tragedy.  One spoke to another after 25 years of looking the other way.

           A blood red sky tonight. What does that mean again?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a room of one's own

It does seem a bit selfish as many women around the world live in cramped little spaces, sharing with members of extended family.  And in general I deplore the huge macmansion style housing that is being built of late, particularly along our natural coastline.  But I have been thinking  how blissful it would be to have a room of one's own.  A space that was a haven for me to retreat to.  That was away from the street noise and looked onto a sunny spot in the garden that has the softness of varied foliage.  There I could compile evidence of all my thoughts and inspiration.  Books, sketches, notes, letters.  Half finished craft projects.   I would like it to have a daybed for a sweet peaceful kip and also room for doing yoga and meditation.
Do you have a room of your own?

       (Images found via favim when googling boho style decor, not sure of original source)

Monday, May 16, 2011

today i'm loving


    These beautiful Autumn days that bring so much joy, colour and comfort.

    Time to think about our food and menu plan.  Today using left over bbq lamb from yesterday that was still pink in the middle for one of my favourite lamb curries.  Indian food is one of my passions.  I adore mixing the spices, grinding them and exploring the different spices from different regions.  Recently I discovered that  each region has its own blend of garam masala.  We have introduced spice into our little man's meals since early on.  A pinch of cumin, coriander, nutmeg and now he really loves a bit of zing.  I did accidentally once put sweet chilli sauce on his sausages instead of tomato sauce from a bottle.  The faced he pulled was pretty impressive.  I have been to India twice.  Once on my own and then again for a wedding.  A truly amazing place.

   Trying to feel more graceful and gain some ease of movement by doing a daily practice of yoga and meditation.  Many years ago I had an altercation with a train.  Its a long story but I feel asleep whilst driving, my car leapt off the road onto the railway tracks in front of  a train.  Remarkably I only sustained a broken nose and a whiplash type injury to my neck.  Neck pain is now an constant irritation.  With the sleep deprivation and  breastfeeding the tension has been increasing.  Now I haven't been able to sleep because of this ache.    I have been making some time before going to bed to do some simple asanas and a few moments sitting on the meditation cushion, having a big sigh and feeling the emotional release.

  A  lovely package arrived today with a courier.  Thank you so much Posie.

  Hope you have a lovely week and once again thank you for stopping by..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

feeling graceful

The trees all around our house are almost threadbare.  There was a heavy frost on awakening. We waited for the earth to thaw by having croissants and freshly brewed coffee.  Unfortunately the coffee pot hissed and exploded and sprayed hot coffee over Dada's face.  Fortunately it ended up being on a minor scald.. Missed his eye.

We explored another bush track and found a very old rail tunnel.  No longer in use, but was in the 1890's for coal mining.

I'm pondering on what it means to be graceful. Ease of movement.  Soft and deep breaths.  Thinking before you speak.  Practicing restraint.  Living within your means. Gentle thoughts. Taking care of yourself.

Will continue to ponder.  What are your thoughts about today?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

grateful for - peek a boo

      Those high pitched squeals of delight of such a simple game.

     Thank you Maxabella for letting so many of us meet and make new friends.