Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i wonder how many will watch ?

Tonight I will defintely be turning on the tv.  To me the rhetoric over asylum seekers arriving by boat is shameful.  This screening on sbs I think is a landmark in reality tv but I do doubt how many Australians will sit and watch.

The q and a on the sbs website begins with an estimate of how many new immigrants to Australia arrive by boat.  The answer is 1.5%.

I'm sorry to blog about something that people would rather not hear.  It can be a 'sugar coated' village at times.  People just want to see happy colours and beautiful things.  And I do too.

Thanking those sweet people for their words.  I am not sure what I will do.  Maybe I do just need a big bloggy break. I do have a bit on my plate at the moment.  I do feel a bit sad about stopping.  Can I ask, have any of you had friends shy away from you because you have revealed you blog?

The cold change has just come through here.  It is grey and bleak outside.  Not sure if the doggies will get their walk today.

Take care my friends.



Vicki said...

Hi Jill,

We will definitely be watching tonight. Heard part of an interview about it this morning and the neutral reviewer said it is epic, not to be missed and is undoubtedly the best show made by SBS this year, although he doubted the audience would be large. (wonder why he thought this)? I thought it was good on the part of one of the women who opposed our taking refugees to take part, it shows that she does have an open mind but was swayed by so much negative media responses. I would have definitely been scared if I had to go to the Congo. Have you seen the SIEV X memorial in Weston Park, Canberra? It's chilling to come across those 353 poles, large for the adults, small for the children. Hope this doco will raise awareness and compassion.

Re the blog revelation to friends, I've only told one and she reacted with much shock and distain. She actually physically recoiled?

Keep warm and snuggly,

Naomi said...

We can't get SBS on or TV... we used to, then it just vanished! We have been desperate to get it back, and I really want to watch this too, so will have to wait and wee it online tomorrow.

I don't think any of my friends have shied away from me because I blog. To be honest, for a good while they were my only readers!

Sometimes I find blogging all a bit too much, so I have a break... perhaps try that first and see how you go?

N xxx

trudi@maudeandme said...

The show is certainly getting lots of publicity on abc radio.
Never had anyone shy away because I blog. Mind you I haven't been doing it for a long time, and probably my friends are just indifferent to it. Which is why I am loving the blogging community for that shared interest factor.

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

This little homne will most certainly be tuning in! I agree, an epic moment in TV history and one I believe has been hushed for far to long.

I have had friends appear surprised at some of my posts since discovering our blog...ie; 'I didn't relaise IVF was that traumatic for you', and statements like this.

A break is always good. I ensure every few weeks we disconnect from all IT and digital devices for at least an entire weekend. It is good for the soul.

Take a bloggy break first...before breaking completely. I would hate to see your thought provoking posts and smiley ones gone for good.


A Farmer's Wife said...

We don't get SBS which is unfortunate. I have been hearing lots about the show though and am hoping the ABC picks up a bit of it at least in news etc. It has been getting a lot of coverage on local ABC radio which is a good thing.

Some of my friends know I blog and I have only had support and lovely emails. Maybe the problem is the friend and not the blog? (or maybe not?)

I have breaks from blogging sometimes and am also planning on dropping my posting rate down. It is always your blog so you can pick and choose to do what suits you.

Take good care Jill.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Hi Jill

I'm taping the series and am going to start watching it soon.

About the blogging, I haven't had any negativity about being a blogger.

I think I was a bit selective in letting people know about my blog and I've also tried to keep it as anonymous as possible.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Felicity said...

I missed it last night but Captain V watched it so I caught up via SBS's website.
Compelling viewing and I enjoyed the mix of participants. The statistic that struck a chord was the small percentage of refugees who arrive by boat.

Can't wait for tonight's episode, it will no doubt provoke interesting discussion in our home.

Felicity x

ejorpin said...

The SBS doco has certainly created quite a stir - it was on the front page of the international paper we get here in Seoul (it's the international version of the New York Times)! Who knows if it will change many minds but I'm glad it's adding something other than 'stop the boats' to the conversation.

Living in Asia for the past few years has been a big wake up call as to how wasteful we are in Australia. And how medium/high density living can actually be a great thing, with a real sense of community, if done properly. If we managed our resources well we have heaps of room for more people! And then, as you point out, the amount of people coming to Australia by boat is so insignificant it's laughable. REALLY drives me mad the whole immigration non-debate that tends to occur around boat people...

Ok, deep breath...as for blogging, definitely take a break if you feel the need. We sometimes put too much pressure on ourselves to blog so many times a week, so many times a month, but we will all still be here if you take a break for awhile! And personally, I like blogs that are not just pretty pictures - that tell me something about that individual and what they like and think and believe in.

Oh, and ps. most of my friends (and family) love the fact that I blog. Partly they are supportive of anything 'creative', anything that helps keep me sane. Plus, I guess it's a way of keeping in touch even though we are so far away.

ejorpin said...

Somehow in my massively long comment I forgot to mention something - my husband does not get my blog at all! He is mystified and even a little repulsed by the need to share on-line, but we set some ground rules (no photos of him, no use of names, ) and on the whole he is fine with it (provided I don't get so distracted blogging that I forget to pay the bills or buy the groceries!).

nicole said...

yes. i watched in horror! it astounds me that there are people that think that refugees are opportunistic. so so sad. i really hope that this experience opens their eyes and softens their hearts. and that it also affects other likeminded australians.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh true friends won't leave you after something they don't agree or understand on your blog. I follow plenty of blogs who have very opposite political views or ideas on raising children, whatever, each to their own, they're not living my life & i'm not living theirs!!
We watch lots of SBS & ABC, after all, often the only channels we could get in Darwin, so you kind of get used to them.
Much rather watch a well put together documentary or new programme than some awful so-called current affair on a regular station.
A break might be as good as a holiday, but do stop back, your blogging style is so beautiful, thoughtful & generous + we'd love to hear about your upcoming VERY different career move. Love Posie

Alice Becomes said...

Oh no, I missed this show again. I realised when I saw Naomi's tweet about it. Disappointed. Must download it.

I think it is important to have blogging breaks from time to time. It can be exhausting. We will all be waiting for you to return! Gill xo

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a restful break. Blogging can be pretty full on, but it's important to make this space your own and remember why you started doing it to begin with. I dropped my posts back to once a week, and only just picked up another for Write on Wednesday. I find twice a week is working for us at the moment. But it's difficult to find the right balance.
We watched the SBS program and it was fantastic viewing. I hope it enlightened a few people, I know it certainly touched our hearts.
Take care.

sarah said...

Oh nooo, I have just arrived and feel like I arrived late at the party (or got the wrong day!) if you decide to stop blogging!

It's interesting - that whole shiny pretty blog dilemma when there are horrific things happening everywhere. Living in my part of the world especially (poverty, corruption, cattle, refugees, bombs etc etc) sometimes it feels ridiculous to post pretty pictures in the face of what is going on outside. Except that I have decided that my blog IS that refuge and sanctuary from the chaos and more serious issues that are going on around me.

Also, it's been interesting reading all the comments here. It's validating to read about burn out and exhaustion in regards to blogging. I'm very new but already I feel overwhelmed sometimes!

I think a few of my friends are a bit bewildered about my blog. But they are usually the ones that don't read blogs to begin with. So I think in that sense, some will get it or not get it and it might have more to do with whether they are into blogs at all to begin with.

Hoping you return and feel better soon. Thanks for making me assess my own blogging objectives this morning!

Posie Patchwork said...

I miss you Jill, love Posie

Vicki said...

I miss you too...

Naturally Carol said...

Just popped in to see if you were there. I missed this post..please leave a comment when you are in then I can pop over and say hello too! Have a lovely week Jill.

jodi said...

it was compelling and though-provoking and i so wish more could be done. right now!

as for people shying away...no. i hope it hasn't had too harsh an affect on you.

much love x

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

I saw only the last two instalments and thought it a brilliant concept. A new idea on TV - that's novel in itself these days. Sadly, I think the people who needed to watch this series most were probably entertaining themselves in other ways.

I think when it comes to blogs, there are horses for courses. If it's political interaction I'm after it won't be the craft blogs that I head to that day and vice versa.

People are diverse and complicated. Do I count daisies and bake bread all day? Of course not, but my blog is somewhere I like to be uncomplicated. It's still the real me, just not all of me.

Blog about whatever makes you happy. Even if it's venting a bit of anger or frustration. We've all got layers. It's up to you how many you're comfortable revealing.

You could be a blogging nudist (or is that naturist). Let it all hang free, so to speak.