Thursday, June 3, 2010

best buddies

Our faithful companions have probably been suffering the most with this deluge of rain.  So patiently waiting for their walk.  They both watch our every move.  Any hint of making a movement towards the pram or putting on socks sends them into a frenzy, "yes it's going to happen, a W. A. L. K."  but alas no just trying to tidy up guys and trying  to keep my feet warm.  Deep disgruntled sigh from labrador.  Miserable frown on cavoodle, who is getting so shaggy musnt really be able to see out underneath his eyelashes.  Really should take some time out for a brush and haircut.

Reflecting how they have coped with the new addition to the "pack"; they have become very devoted.  They lay by his door during daytime naps and appear to look distressed when he cries out to call us in.  Chester our cavoodle lays by my feet at nearly every breast feed.  Our lil'man loves them. A huge smile comes across is face when they come to say hello.  He laughs and giggles at their antics to try and get our attention.

The dogs were the centre of all my attention, and they really did take a back seat in those first few months.  Especially when having those common teething problems with breast feeding.

I try to take a moment to give Danny and Chester a quiet special hug every day and lie down on the floor with them and stroke their ears.  They have been across this country with me, through many highs and lows.  Luv ya.