Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the boy

I know this is my second post today but I have been wanting to document how our baby has turned into a little boy.  There has been an awakening of his consciousness.  Listening to the meaning of what is being said and chatting it back to us.  He is such a clown and loves making us laugh.  Cheeky.  I am relieved.  I think the baby daze of motherhood I was often scared.  Scared of him.  Have you ever felt that way?

I love doing sloppy kisses  all over his squishy cheeks.

I think he is going to be fast runner, like his Mummy and Daddy.


ps I am not responsible for how he is dressed now days  Trackie - dack buddies they are.

No shame.

My Broken Hill Bloggy Buddy Bunting

A lovely crafty memory I have of my time here in BH is taking part in the bunting swap, organised by the most talented Rach from Squiggly Rainbow.  I was thinking that all the different creations may not necessarily go together, but once all sewn up with red bias binding, I think it really is a testimony to all the collective goodness that is the blogging community.  I don't think my time here would not have passed so happily without you out there.

Our last few days here are what you can imagine.  So apologies for now for not coming by your place at the moment.  Likely to see you back when I am far East of here.

x Jill

Thursday, October 20, 2011

my creative space

I have been spying lovely garlands and necklaces around blogland and have been learning some different hooky ways late at night.  Consistency with tension and finishing off are my stumbling blocks.  Little bit like life really.  Wouldn't it be great to have a little crochet buddy to sit down and learn properly.

   Little bunting pieces that I think I will gift to my sister.  She has had a rough time of late.  We will stay a few days in Leura on the way home to be with her.  Think I might cry  when I see her.

Off to explore other creative peeps here.

p.s sorry I was meaning to include the star pattern was adapted from Panda "Summer Crochet" pattern book.  They had it made into a thong  (Aussie version that is). Mmm maybe  not for me.  Made with Panda 4ply cotton.  The bunting is simply made using double crochet (UK) and decreasing the stitch after each row.  Easy peasy.  The flower pattern were found at amazing Lucy's blog, Attic 24.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

remote living

We leave Broken Hill in 12 days.  Our minds are preoccupied with finishing off work, projects and reflecting on our time away.  The quandary for me is the life that I have dedicated as a professional women and the desire to have a nourishing home life.  I have  a lot of skill and knowledge to offer.  People depend on me.

I have worked remote before and really loved it.  I lived on an Island, in another culture.  I still have waves of thought about doing this again.  Then the pull of being part of a community, having one's own abode and putting down roots tugs at me.

                             Next year the door is open.  Really anything could be on the agenda.

What are your plans for the next year or so?  Maybe too big a question?.

Much love and peace to you

Friday, October 14, 2011

desert rose

The roses have been in full bloom here in Broken Hill for a few weeks now.  Most gardens that are  not overgrown with salt bush seem to have a few bushes adorning their entrance.  Their scent is easily caught on your afternoon walk.  They seem to thrive in this semi-arid climate.

Thank you for all the tips on my sewing dilemma in my previous post.  I been making some design changes in my head.  I really have been wanting to create something sweet for my early morning breakfast.  I think every woman needs a  cheery start to her day.  I may wait to finish this project for when I return to my own dining table.  To pull the whole thing together.

A bit of sad news yesterday.  Our dear Dan the dog has been confirmed to have bladder cancer.  So it is only a matter of time.  But we don't really know how long.  I know you cannot compare apples with oranges, but it is the same type of cancer that my best friend succumbed to earlier this year.  Endeavouring to make his last days the happiest.

Much love and peace to you

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Could I ask some sewing advice?

Our time in Broken Hill is drawing near.  Three months ago I was having private panic attacks about the whole move, the pack up and drive, starting a new job in a town we did not know so far away, working full time, being away from my son during the day, Martin doing the stay at home Daddy thing.  Yadda yadda  yadda.

We have made it work.  This adventure has given me confidence.  Dealing with change. Making the most of where you are.  Concentrating on the positive.  Looking underneath the surface of things.   Our relationship has grown stronger and the difference in Che is astounding.  I actually do feel more confident in my parenting and feel like I am stepping out of an intense zone of babydom.  As bitter-sweet as that is.

Crafting is how I have been spending most of my spare time here.  Far away from other distractions.  There are quite a few projects that I aim to finish before we leave.  For one,  I would like to ask the sewing fraternity out there some advice.  I found a damask table cloth at the Anglicare oppie for  $2 and some assorted doilies for $10 bucks.  My idea was to sew the doilies onto the top  of the tablecloth.  There are linen- embroided ones with a crochet trim and then fully crochets one as well.  Being a complete sewing novice I am guessing that for the cotton ones it may be best to applique them on first with some sort of bonding interface.  Am I right ?  Then I thought I could just hand stitich the crochet ones on?  I also had ideas about doing some running stitch sweet words in some places.  The tablecloth had no trim, so I found a sweet dolie style trim at the local haberdashery and machine stitched it around the edge.

What do you think ?  Will it work?  What sort of interface would you recommend?  Or should I just hand sew them all on?

I so love travelling around the world visiting all these amazing creative crafty peeps.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zippetty doo daa

A bit of a spring in my step today.  Energised by lovely family visit.  Feeling that little core of self being cosy,  giggly and light.  There is a lot of mess around the house, and stuff to organise, but I know it will be ok.

I have been liking the old doors in the lanes of this old mining town.  Sometimes we think we are in some back lane of old Melbourne town.

Hope there is some lightness in your world too.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


A weekend away on Menindee lake had me thinking about my capacity. What am I really capable of doing?.  How much do I think I should work?  How to balance time alone and time with family. Time to craft and create and blog, and time just to hang out.  Taking life as it comes.

I decided on a softie project.  I was going to call him "Fred".  That was my nickname when I was a littlie.  But at times you make mistakes, take too long doing it, get all cramped up, it really is hard on your neck. Well I have since pulled him apart and started again.  You know what I thought, I really should be out there playing.  Fred is now rising from the ashes again, slowly.

Balancing aspiration with desire.  Being in the moment and planning for the future.  Having home cooked meals, a clean smelling house, a well exercised body and mind, a happy family and a reliable income.

Grateful to be even able to have these choices.  To ponder them.

Old Dan dog has been a sick boy.  A few weeks ago I really thought he would be leaving us.  He has pulled through, for now.  Danny boy was so happy to be swimming again.  I could see him smiling.

Thank goodness we have had family here the last week.  Hanging out together.  Sitting under the big open skies.  Helping to balance my thoughts and mood.  Love you guys.

How do you find balance in your life?  And thank you so much for dropping by.

xxx Jill