Tuesday, February 28, 2012

hankering for a little cabin somewhere?

                                                        for a  bit of escapism at cabin porn.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

thank you Mummy, that was a nice dinner

Truly that is what he said.  It made my day, after many times of inner turmoil about the volcanic process of dinner.  We are now adjusting to from being a family of five to one of four. Pulling in the drawstrings in a little closer.  But we are also moving house this weekend.  My now old boss said to me that "moving is like the chicken crossing the road, poultry in motion".

Happy weekend to you and than you for your kind words about Dan leaving us.  It really helps.

Linking in with Maxabella today.  It has been sometime, sorry Bron, I do cherish your space and your devotion to your readers.

A special thank you for Felicity.  What a gift you are to the blogosphere  Don't you agree.

I am forever grateful to have loved and be loved.  .


Thursday, February 16, 2012

our danny boy - we were with you

A friend wrote to me that a song comes to mind. I had never heard of Gyote, but the song is beautiful and yes my Danny boy it is hard that you have left us.  Hard to let go.  Our animals are there to cherish.  Their patience and loyalty.  Their joy out of the simple things.  This is what they teach us.  Love you forever, Dan.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

an artful life

This year so far has  found us moving back to our old hood for awhile before we head off to do more work in Indigenous Health in Broken Hill in the middle of the year.  Actually we are not quite completed the pack up, but in the next two weeks we will be.  I do love the area of the Highlands, but for various reasons it was right to move on.  But moving is always an emotional time for me and I do find myself being catatonic at times and overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness.  Thoughts such as "will I ever get my life together", "why am I always doing this" blah blah blah.

A saviour of working very part time and being at home with a little one is re-kindling one's creative side.  Actually I think I do most of my creative thinking wallowing around in my jim jams in the morning, feeling a bit feral, with wild looking hair and everything just hanging out, dogs scampering about and child demanding textas , scissors and weetbix.

I am still finishing off sewing and crochet projects from last year and trying not to start anything new.  Although inspiring books are piled high next to the bed.  I am completing a granny shrug from the vintage Panda book and my first little patchwork quilt.

Storage boxes have been re-discovered with my paints and pastels and brushes within.  Now that I  have crossed the line and doing the count down to fifty years young, I feel quite liberated.  My art dabblings are just for me and anything goes.

And thank goodness I have started reading a book.  It has been a post birth void in this regard.  I have only just started the story of Sunday Reed and her artful life in Heide.  I love a bit of history of what it was like in Australia for a woman.  Hard to believe young aristocratic Austraian women were still presented to the Royal Court in the early 1900's.

I would like a goal of reading a book a month.

Joining in with creative peeps here and also with dearest Felicity .  Click on image below for a literary feast.

Take care