Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hey hey, testing testing.

We have been living in a beautiful  sanctuary,  just taking life slowly and simply.   The house is under a canopy of angophora and gum trees.    A blessing now that Summer  is almost here.   Otherwise the house has been too dark over winter.   We have been lighting the open fire and wearing our uggies.    Now more natural light is seeping through and the beauty of this place lifts my spirit.  I can hear the sound of the ocean in the distance.   Near is the squwark of the wattle bird and  chirp of the Aussie mynahs.   The hilarious  bush turkey pecks under the mulch.   Outside our gate a bower bird's haunt is amongst small shrubs,  with a brilliant  blue display. 
I am experimenting today.   Can I blog from my tablet?
Here goes.
Peace to you