Sunday, June 12, 2011

guess who is coming to dinner?

I received Jamie's 30 minute meals as a little pressie.  Last night I tried to put a page to the test.  The caulifower macaroni, chicory salad with insane basil and anchovy dressing and stewed peaches with vanilla ice cream.  I was doing well until I realised at 5pm after waking from a glorious afternoon kip ( we still have 4am starts with our little man) that  in fact we did not have all the ingredients.  Quick dash to Coles.  Back at 5.30 pm.  Used  a packet italian salad with radicchio instead and had pears instead of peaches.  Well in my small kitchen with hardly any bench space and not owning a food processor, it took me an hour.  But can I say the caulifower macaroni was a big hit, little man loved it and yes the basil anchovie dressing is deliciously insane.  Little man pulled a few faces with this one though.

Have you tried the 30 minute meal test?  What do think of Jamie?

I would be pretty proud if he were my son.

Anyway conversation around the dinner table was quick as  a little someone  becomes bored quickly and is still prone to a bit of food throwing if we get our timing wrong.  But a topic keeps coming up.  If you could invite anybody in the world to a dinner party , who would you ask?

Here is my list:

Jamie (he can help with the cooking)

Mick Jagger

Jim Jarmusch

Germaine Greer

The Dalai Lama

Micheal Nyman (composer for The piano).

Salmon Rushdie

Aung san suu kyi (hopefully free to do so)

I think conversation would be pretty interesting.  Now a few more come to mind but a dinner part for 8 guests would probably be my limit.

Big question really, but who would you like to invite?


ejorpin said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Jamie! I love his whole anyone can cook philosophy, and I love how he is trying to reconnect people with food, but sometimes he's just a wee bit annoying. That said, I have one of his cookbooks and every recipe I've tried has been super easy and super tasty. And I do like his enthusiasm...perhaps I would have him over for dinner too?

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh your list is FAR more learned than mine, i think i'd invite 8 different chefs & have them cook off for me, then we all get to eat the bounty. So Jamie's 30 Minute Recipes aren't 30 minutes without a full size test kitchen & all the appliances you could dream for?? I find i struggle with the time limit for lack of skill (i have a large kitchen & all the KitchenAid dream help possible, it's 'operator error' pour moi). Love Posie

Jodi said...

i love jamie and i have this book but i'm yet to really delve into it and choose a meal (or two) to make. You've inspired me with cauliflower macaroni though.

Hope you three are staying nice and's bucketing down here and we're huddled indoors.

Love to you x

A Farmer's Wife said...

I always love the dinner party question.

I already wrote a post on it a while back.

I like Jamie a lot. I think his heart is in the right place and his recipes have never failed me...

Vicki said...

Hi Jill,

L'Amour Jamie! My fav chef even though he doesn't do the nitrogen mind blowers like Heston or the fish like Rick or the dahl like Sophie, he cooks real food, uses the herbs that he grows and brings up his little girls eating from scratch. Not bad with the give back to the community as well.
Dinner guests...what to serve?

Agatha Christie


Elizabeth Blackwell

Gertrude Stein

Michelangelo...the Pieta!

Maria Montessori

Jane Rutter

Lady Jane Grey

Marilyn Monroe (just curious)!

How can I stop at just 8, so many fabulous people.

Still 4am starts Jill? You poor darling!


Alice Becomes said...

Interesting list, would make for VERY interesting conversation! I think it would take me forever to come up with such a list but I think Oscar Wilde would make the cut! Gill xo

emm said...

I LOVE Jamie. I'd happily marry him if it weren't for my husband and Jamie's wife! ;-) My daughter loves him also. His show used to be her favourite thing in the world when she was about 3 years old. She affectionately named him "Jamie Olive".

So the list...

1. Heidi Swanson (
2. Shauna Ahern (
3. Jamie Oliver
4. Jane Collins (an amazing NZ chef that I once had the pleasure of working with and whom I miss dearly)
5. Nigella Lawson
6. My mum. She'd keep the conversation flowing! ;-)

Maxabella said...

I think I'll just come to your dinner party and enjoy the wonderful company!! x