Sunday, July 25, 2010

cousin cuddles

So lovely for our son to have boy cousins not too far away.  There is such a different energy that our baby gets from other kids  that you just dont sense when its just us.  The intensity is defused.  Sad that  my much loved other nieces and nephews are at such a distance.  Next year once I am not studying anymore and liberated from home ownership, I hope we can do a discovery tour to visit all loved ones around this vast country.  Can you really travel with baby on the road for a few months??

Friday, July 23, 2010

sgetti fun

mothers group

Recently our mothers group has started catching up at our abodes rather than bracing ourselves outside coffee shops.  I had not seen all the lovely ladies and bubs for a few weeks and so it was so lovely having a bunch of us at my house.  It was cold wet and raining outside, but the fire made the house all toasty and there was a great feeling of merriment seeing all the bubs together playing on the floor.  Lots of tea and brewed coffee and yummy stuff to eat.

Such a great bunch of women I have to say.  Being a Doctor I have to be honest I felt hesitant and self conscious at first.  But I guess this is entwined with me actually accepting that yes I am a mother now .  I get so much from their friendliness and acceptance.

Reflecting back of my time here on the coast I have at many times felt very lonely.  Working full time, then feeling overwhelmed purshasing a derelict house that really was knock down needing so much time and money for it to be liveable.  Over committed financially.  I guess I am quite house proud and put pressure on us to get things done.  This made me stressed and not much time to explore opportunities locally.  How I ever fell pregnant during this time is a wonder. Too skinny, drinking too much, eating badly.

Now we are moving and feel very sad that we will not be close by to these lovely women and their children. I do hope we can keep in touch and have some reunion over the years.  Would be special for our little man I am sure.

We have plans of moving to the Southern Highlands to be close to Marty's parents for awhile. I am forever moving and this does make it hard to have a sense of community.  But who knows what is around the corner?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Believe She's Amazing Flash Mob - Toronto Eaton Centre

I dedicate this video post to my amazing Mum and dear friend Cynthia.  Both of you make me very proud.  You are amazing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ah gee ah goo

danny and chezzy always want to  make his spot theirs  and any tit bits of food that sucummb to dropsies

Che is so determined to self feed, sooo messy!

Our little man is now sitting up which means less grizzling and so much more fun to play with your hands.  Che has started looking with more wonder at his books.  But chewing and reshuffling papers is his favourite.

snuggled up to go for a windy walk with dada

Friday, July 2, 2010

renovations - le derriere

This was the back side of our house  at the first time of home onwnership.  There was no garden and the  enclosed veranda was practically falling off.  There were old frosted louvres that were so rusted they could not be opened.  The floor boards were rotten away and the internal lining was all broken pieces of masonite.

About 18 months ago with the help of a builder we gutted this back portion.  Re-stumping, recycled tarrow wood floor boards,  reclaimed casement windows, new internal wood lining.

Eventually we build our own back deck, and our garden has grown around us.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

baby led.........

Over the last few weeks we have been through some stress.  We have sold our little wooden house  and do not know where we will be next. The tension has been picked up by our little son, he needs to be near us more than ever.  Hence our nights are cuddled up tight , spooned together.  Feeding  a lot.  Our little one does not really want to eat much yet and I have  decided to just go with the flow here as well  Have decided baby led weaning to be the go for us, defintely.    Like breast feeding it is a matter of trusting your instincts.  Not sucumbing to the pressure of  old worn out prescriptive dos and don'ts.  I would really recommend   Gill Rapely 's approach.

Working in General Practice and realising what parents and families of all backgrounds go through gives me a wonderful perspective on my own experience.  How much the journey is all encompassing.  At times you feel quite vulnerable and inadequate.  Wondering what to do next?/try.  My elderly patients give me little tit bits of uninvited advice and often there are a few gems. Yesterday  the advice was the importance of being a team, being united in your approach, even if you both get it wrong.  There is something solid in this.