Monday, September 26, 2011

Night time in Broken hill

The air is so dry here.  The spring winds have arrived with gusto and you can  taste the dust.  You know when you cannot stop licking your lips.  This creates the right atmosphere for stunning sunsets.

Broken Hill is really a thriving little metropolis.  Self-sufficient is the term that comes to mind.  Hard to imagine, so far away from everything and everyone.

I have met some groovy and  interesting people.  They moved away when younger but return here to have their own families and relish in the region's uniqueness.  I have met artists who choose to live here, not locals, but thrive on the eccentricity of this place.

My biggest privlege is meeting the local Baarkintji people, mainly through my work, but also around town.   I listen to their  stories.  Stories of being taken away.  Stories of family.  Great pioneering stories of working  on the land, in the mines.  The good old days.  Their cracker sense of humour.  Sadly also stories of  broken families and extreme hardship, and inter-generational trauma.

I took a little drive by myself this afternoon, after work, along the semi arid plains.  Again the sky was magnificent and you could almost see the curvature of the earth.  I had a bit of a ratty day in my head. I needed some time.  To have some space. To pause.

Now, all are tucked away blisfully asleep.  And I really should be too.

Good night.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

my dreamer boy

It tickles your heart when you catch your little one in deep thought. Pondering the breeze, the birds, the afternoon light.  The change that you see in their eyes.  The world opening up to them.  This is such an adorable time.

Last Friday night we stumbled upon a opening at the local Art Exchange in South Broken Hill.  We had already been out for an early dinner.  The sun had just gone down.  Artists in residence were displaying their most recent work.  I impulsively put a red sticker next to one.  There were 2 older boys, brothers and they were so sweet in playing with Che Che.  Oh the joy of staying up late and running around in the moonlight.  I spotted Che looking at the boys who were doing push-ups on the concrete outside.  In the early hours of Saturday morning after the ritualised breast feed, I spotted him in the lounge room by himself trying this new manoeuvre.

Bigger boys have a big impression on him. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

the silver city show

It was with some excitement as we anticipated the arrival of the Silver City Show.  But alas, I think these country fairs are not like they used to be in their heyday.  We planned to go in the morning with all the other families with babies and toddlers in strollers.  Except ours is never in one and runs crazily around from one tacky store to the next.  He had a ball.  First ever carnival ride and the must have face paint.

I did feel sorry for the nursery animals.  I had to tell the attendent that he must get those chickens out of the hot sun.  They were panting.  It occurred to me those baby animals have to stay there for the whole 3 days,  and from 10 am to 10 pm they have people and children trying to play with them and they get no sleep. Let alone the bright lights and the fireworks creating stress and fear.

But it is all supposed to be in good fun I know.

And also the cost.  A family of  four told me they spend $200 for the few hours they are there.   I won't even talk about the food stalls.

But you gotta love the pavillions of all the best craft, cakes, best vegies ( the caulifower won first prize) and all the school displays.

There was one decent stall that had second hand pieces.  I could have gone a bit silly, but we need to think how we are going to get all our things home.   However I could not go past some Bakerlite.  They were such a bargain.

The rest of our weekend has been popping around some local garage sales raising funds for Somalia.  Visiting the Train Museum, eating out and lazing in the park.  This afternoon we are going to the screening of Babies at the local cinema.  I have been finishing off my bunting and trying to pull it all together.  Thank you so much for your kind comments of encouragement.  I hope the lovely person  likes it.

Here's to having time to be with each other, making, eating, playing and being happy.

Much love


p.s.  I am having trouble with my internet and have been trying to visit many of my loved blogs but cannot load or sometimes comment.  I will keep trying. Hopefully see you soon.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

my creative space

Staying up  a bit later each night and making some wonky crochet bunting pieces.  Experimenting to see if can come up with something for the pending bunting swap.  Just single crochet and not  adding a chain at each end they automatically turn into pretty bunting.  Who would have thought that wonky crochet could work?

                         More creative spaces  here

Sunday, September 11, 2011

things i'm loving

                                     Spring flowers picked by my two boys on their morning walk, while I had a sleep in.

  I bought the Cath Kidston Book  "Sew" and made her bag.  Took the big leap and learnt how to do a button hole on the machine and put in a lining.  Don't look too closely my stitching is a bit wonky and I just could not for the life of me work out how to do the roueaux loop for the front button to fasten with.  So I did the buttonhole stitch loop instead but still with some difficulty.  Maybe I could make a bunting for this up coming swap.

But here is a true artist at work.  How beautiful are these ceramics.  I love their delicate form and the earthy colours.  Made by my sister in law Anne.  Check her out here.

We have been here in Broken Hill for about half our time now.  Just this weekend I have started to feel a bit lonely and so far away from everyone.  Seeing photos of friends and old work mates on facebook  reminds me that I often isolate myself trying to always achieve, achieve.

A lovely workmate and fabulous person has her own blog.  Cate is an amazing cook and her blog is filled with warm hearted thoughts and yummy recipes.  Please visit and say hello.

Peace to you


Saturday, September 10, 2011

the line of load

The silver line that hangs above Broken Hill, where once it was a thriving mine that supported a town of 35, 000 people.  Now this place is a monument.  Upon it now is the architecturally striking Miner's Memorial and The Broken Earth Restaurant.  This town is no longer dominated by mining folk, but it certainly seems defined by them.

Tonight we ventured up there with our toddler for a sunset and a Broken Earth meal.  Don't you love it when the waitress takes your little one by the hand, when he is screaming up and down the entrance, and leads him to his chair where textas and torn bits of white paper await and glass of watered down juice that we didnt even think to ask for.  I could have kissed her.  Little converstations occur and then she pours us a drink mentioning her own little girl of 6 years.  Bless her.

We steered clear of the marsupials and devoured a haloumi and mushroom stack and ironically seafood.  Che and I are both a bit sensitive with our tummies as we have had the dreaded gasto bug.  The last 2 days I have been unable to be vertical. Poor little man.  Dada has been holding the fort and  running to keep us hydrated and disposing of some armageddon nappies.  But tonight we all felt recovered and so needed to get out of the house.

It was nice to leave a well deserved tip.

As we were leaving there was a special meet of people holding lanterns for children with cancer.  A lovely finish for our evening.

Bless those Mamas that are working while their little one sleeps.

Bless those little ones that suffer so.

Bless those who are missing their loved ones on such an anniversary of  September 11, 2001

Peace to you.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

wild things

Father's Day weekend found us feeling really happy.  We are the A team. I feel very proud that we have made this working sojourn a success so far.  All the planning and scheduling aside.  We have been having fun.

Driving out west on Father's Day we were greeted by Brumbies and Camels.  Dada,  of course cannot help himself.  He has a way with horses.  We had some carrots to share with them.  Although I started to feel a bit twitchy when they surrounded the car.  Somehow Dada thinks camels are cute!  I just seem to remember them from a camel trek in the Rajastan Desert as snotty, foul mouthed farting ass licking creatures that are impossible to ride for 3 days straight without getting huge grazes on your bum.

We found a great camping ground. Penrose Park.  I have not seen these type of old swings for ages.

I am feeling good about work because I feel that I am working where I belong, I guess.  Not necessarily Broken Hill, but in an enthusiastic team really commited to improving the health of our countrymen and women and children.  It is a challenge to operate on many levels and have different projects all going on at once.  I am honoured to be here and appreciated.

But there is always some grief when I  leave in the morning.  We all had such a great weekend.  As we were pulling up to my workplace on Monday morning, our little man was very quiet.  He knew I was about to leave.  It really got to me.  No screeching or thrashing around or loud protests of not getting what he wants.  His eyes just welled up in tears and he looked away.   A long kiss on his soft sweet cheek.  I said my goodbye and a cheery "Have a good day with Daddy.  Love you".

I called half an hour later.  They were all running around Sturt Park having fun.

                          I think of you all day, my sweet handsome boy.