Sunday, June 5, 2011


I have been really liking Kate Takes 5 weekly listography and enthused by A Farmer's wife post would  like to play along.  I really had to think hard about this weeks theme - five decisions that you are glad you made. Now in my mid forties, I feel I have re - invented myself many times.  There has been many chapters of my life.  I often have not made the best decisions.  I certainly could have been more successful in my chosen career, more steadfast and less emotional and less reactive.  But here I go:

1. Learning Yoga and Meditation from a young age.

    Time and time again re-invigorating my practice has steadied my soul and given me strength.  It  keeps me supple and calm.

2. Going to University.

 In fact I ended up  doing 2 Bachelor degress back to back.  That meant nine years of being a poor student, supporting myself through, wearing daggy trackie dacks and waitressing most nights.  But I lived in the most crazy fun student shared households.  I dabbled in the extra-ordinary and it really broadened my mind and horizons and gave me a perspective on this world that has led me to keep exploring and keep on learning.

3. Taking a trip to Darwin

On a whim I rang Darwin Hospital to see if there were any job opportunities.  I got a job in that phone call and in the next few weeks left my position in an inner city hospital and left for the wild frontier that is the Northern Territory.  I was only planning to stay for a year but then ended up staying five.  I do feel I gained some understanding of  Aboriginal culture and their connection to their land.  There are lots of endemic problems but it was an experience to me that opens up new possibilities for the future.  In Darwin I met the most free thinking people.  It was  a less materialistic way of living.  Very different to the East Coast.  Camping in Kakadu, living on the Tiwi islands, fishing, mud crabbing, sailing it was fantastic.  Oh yes and I met my man there.

4. Selling my house.

This was a hard one, but yes I do want to have it here.  You see about 6 months ago I became very regretful about this.  But now I have moved on and happy that this has been the best decision.  The story is I became pregnant very unexpectantly at age 43.  I am the main bread winner ( my partner is an Artist - say no more), we had purchased  a house a bit beyond our means and really it was a knockdown anyway but we took on this project as our baby of renovating it from inside out.  I really wanted to stay home with my one and only child.  We finished the renovations after our son was born, sold it and moved on.  A lot of people were unsure of our choices and some were a bit disappointed.  Now we are renters in a very cosy little cottage and I work only very part time and am now dabbling in art, gardening, cooking, walking and just lying in the sun.  I am very lucky that I can still have a career to return to.  One day another "home" will present itself, i'm sure.

5.  Making a conscious decision every day to find happiness and fun in each day.  Some days I do wake up as cranky pants.  But I realise how much I have an effect on how the day will pan out.  I take few deep breaths, get over myself and smile.  My little boy smiles back.

Thank you for giving me time to think about theses things.


A Farmer's Wife said...

Gorgeous post Jill.

Take care.

Fussy Eater's Mum said...

That's a lovely post and what a lovely child you have!

Posie Patchwork said...

LOVE all of this, i did 2 degrees back to back as i knew i wanted lots of babies & would never go back (i married my teen love, i had a head start on most). We moved to Darwin too, with the Army but fell in love with it (bought an apartment there, still have it 11 years later, it's going to fund our farm & homestead) & the free thinking folk you talk of - it's in the water, our 4 babies were all born there & are clearly from a different world to most. Darwin is such a special place, i love it, we went back for 2 more years, wow, what an adventure!!
Just loving your story, we'll be sad to sell our first property too (purely an investment but now it's time to make it work for us by selling it) but it's just like your lifestyle, i don't want to work full time & it takes pressure off my husband supporting us. Love Posie

Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

You're list was extraordinary. Your experience in Darwin and working within the indigenous population must have been depressing yet mind opening.

Reluctant Housedad said...

Superb post. I've noticed so many posts this week have involved travel/work in Australia. It seems to be life-changing for many people (never been myself).

Kate said...

What a great list. Esp like the selling your house one. Time with your little fella is so much more valuable than any house. Is he really called Che? (Love it!!)

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Jill..interesting to know a little more about you..thank you for sharing. Anywhere you live is going to be a 'home' with your husband and your georgeous little boy to share it with you! I really think the things of this earth are quite transient and owning a house is not always what it is cracked up to be...yes..I do own one..but am no more or less secure than when we rented!

Georgie said...

I often do these listographies in my head... constantly changing my mind as I go! You've listed some big decisions there. Love your 'steady soul'. gxo

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Hi Jill
First up thanks for reading my blog.

You know, I wish I delved into yoga and meditation much earlier than I have.

I was just in Darwin a couple of weeks back myself!

Take care

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've lived such a full and varied life.
I can completely understand your decision to sell the house and be at home with your boy. He's only young once, and these days pass so quickly. Best to enjoy them at a slow pace, and be grateful for every small moment.
And as you say, houses come and go. Another 'home' will present itself when circumstances change. Home is where you make it. x

beck said...

Great post, I really enjoyed reading your list and getting to know a bit more about you. Your last point is such a good one, I try for this too. Your baby is getting bigger isn't he? Just gorgeous xo

Sandrine said...

I really enjoyed reading your list too Jill.I like your approach to life, Yoga, family and happiness.It is sure very challenging sometimes (I find putting my carrier aside has been a hard decision) but I like your perspective and the power of choosing to be happy.
Well done and I thought it was very brave for sharing those points.
Sandrine x