Sunday, January 31, 2010

A year of many changes. Fallen unexpectantly pregnant age 43, after a long period of grieving and moving on. Our little boy has defied all the obstacles. I feels deeply within myself that he is strong and will be able to tough it out in life, through all the ups and downs.

Have been able to put him down to midday sleep. Conflicting opinions of routines, rhythms for his daily life. He tends to choose his own way. Hs eyes are so knowledgeable. He has been here before. A distinguished neighbour commented that "he is finished".

So many emotions with now making our life sustainable. Do we stay and commit ourselves to this reasonable size mortgage or move on leave ou little community and restart again elseswhere with a more realistic budget? Being the main breadwinner and now a mother of a very young baby, the sleep deprivaton is not only due to frequent breastfeeding and a grizzly little bub.

Well little squeaks are coming from his room. The boozy muncher is stirring. Must dash