Friday, April 29, 2011

grateful for - a tough little bugger and a bit of organisation

Thinking  too much about the bratwurst.  Wanting to swing too high.  Before you know it, flat on his back.  No tears.  A little bit stunned.  But "no back pack thank you very much  I can do it all on my own".

Also weekly meal planning has been an aspiration for some time.   Found refurbished blackboard painted a lovely grey.  Now hanging in the Kitchen to jog the memory and be excited and plan my day ahead.

Journey through more with the lovely Maxabella  and now linking in with Alison for some rewind.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

kitchen dreams

Since having renovated an old house once.  Basically  rebuilding it from the inside out.  I have come to realise that I am addicted to ploughing through magazines and blog sites of old country kitchens.    I love the eclectic modern country look with a touch of rustic and industrial. The above image is from Coastal Living magazine.  It is just a glimpse, but to me it has all the features that would make me very happy, cooking, chatting and dreaming in.

There is the walk in pantry with old blue screen door.  The little nook for laptop and desk to blog whilst cooking!  The old enamel sink  and the aspect of looking into many other rooms.  The wide space for kids to rumble about on the beautiful wooden floors.  The cooker is on the other side, someone can be stirring the rissotto  and not be in the way of others making salad on the lovely mosaic tiled serving bench.  This bench has others seated sipping wine and chatting about their daily escapades.  There is a lovely rustic dining table just hinted in the front where we all will be sharing the meal.  Then there is the architectural elements.  The remarkably high ceilings.  The wood panelling throughout painted white.  The angles of the room add so much interest.  The industrial lighting.

When we are ready, and find our  home and then  perhaps set out on renovating again, I hope to return to this image to remind me and direct me to what I really like.

Cross fingers, one day...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have a confession to make.  As I look back over the many chapters of my life so far.  Hopefully half of my time here.  I realise there have been women in my life that I have anchored myself upon.  Women with whom I have identified deeply and then thrived on the essence of them.  Their creativity, their courage and resilience.  Their witty sense of humour and their ability to rise up against sorrow and misfortune.  I have secretly wanted to be them.  Perhaps even had a funny little crush on them. 

When I don't have women in my life that affect me so, I feel so lost.  Perhaps that is what I feel I absorb from this blog world.  All up it is one big best girlfriend that I can lean on and anchor myself to.  This probably sounds a bit sad but  I have moved around so much and lost contact with so many wonderful women.  Now being a forty something mother of a very active, loud and boisterous although adorable little boy and uprooted myself into yet another place.  Well I am so glad to have this space.

I just wanted to give an kiss and hug to those women in my life that have inspired me and helped me get out of bed in the morning.  If those women ever read this they will know who they are.

Have you had those anchors?  How have they shaped you?

Monday, April 25, 2011

lest we forget

On a grey Autumn day our Popman who served in the Vietnam War, marched in the local Anzac Day march in Bowral.  There was quite a crowd.  I always find it very moving.  I find myself pondering on the faces of our elderfolk and especially the women.  The memories that must come flooding back.  The grief and the mateship and the everlasting feeling of hope.  Seeing the awe of the little kiddos faces is touching.

We scurried back to a warm cafe for lunch and then headed home.  Popman ran into some other diggers who served on the Sydney Naval Boat too. He and Mum are now next door having some drinky poos.  Baby now asleep and Dada is sitting down to watch the traditional Anzac Day AFL Footy Match.

Have a lovely day.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


The Easter break seems to come around at just the right time, does'nt it?  I think everyone feels just a little depleted, especially this year.  I'm wondering what Easter means to everyone?  Not being of a demoninational religion, although christened a Catholic, I do feel that it is the recognition of the suffering of the innocent.  There has been so much of this of late.  So  grateful to be able to pace ourselves and enjoy this beautiful shining season.

Our Easter started with my Parents arriving and then a visit from a much loved uncle.  We've had a few doggies mates stay.  Having those extra pair of hands to wrangle baby, clean and cook lots of comfort food is a blessing.

Meet  Missy.

We have been exploring and op shopping.  Really loving these little loaf baking pans.

This was the first time our Parents have met.  The thought has always made me nervous.  They all hit it off.   Today we had a yummy lunch.  BBQ lamb with lemon and rosemary marinade.  Roasted Kipfer potatoes and pumpkin, roasted carrots and steamed brussel sprouts.  This was all topped off with home made salsa verde and home made gravy.  Delicious.  The cake was a treat from the local Gumnut bakery.

Our little boy is such a Trojan.  Despite a high fever of 39 degrees he was still up for a egg hunt.  He learnt to peel them very quickly.  So much fun!

Phew, after all the eating, drinking and exploring a little lie down and breast feed was needed.  A 40 minute kip to recharge.  I could hear the Currawongs singing to each other and see through my bedroom window families enjoying a late afternoon walk.  All so comforting.

Tomorrow my stepfather is participating in the local Anzac march.  So much history for our little man to learn.

Sincerely hoping everyone has had a very peaceful and happy Easter.

Monday, April 18, 2011

a short trip

A short  trip to the big smoke of Sydney town.  We put those stinky dogs in "Doggie Prison" (they love it) and stayed in a new friends place in groovy Summer Hill.  Amanda is so lucky to now be holidaying in France.  A lovely one bedroom art deco flat.  It was a nice little reprieve but like always,  now glad to be home.

Able to join in the celebration of Anne's birthday (Marty's sister)  and catch up with those handsome smart Cuzs'.

Living in a second floor flat with a narrow stairwell and always conscious of the screeching that a  little toddler makes is not easy.  But so many people obviously  cope.  So grateful for our big backyard. 

Great to do some people watching.   We did see some that have no home of their own. 

There is an appeal in the decaying grandeur of those old inner west houses with their tropical gardens and faded patina.

It was wet and grey so not many snaps taken.  Birthday brunch at Blackwattle Bay in Glebe.  The striking juxtaposition of native bush and hard indusrty.

We were all pretty exhausted once home in our little warm abode.  We are all a bit snotty and bronchitic.  The doggies were very happy to see us.  Preparing for our Easter visitors and thinking about sorting out my "cupboards of shame" - the linen cupboard.  (And the rest).

What are you up to this week?  Hope you are having a good one!

Thanks for dropping by..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

grateful for - Vintage resilience

I have returned to work for 3 half days a week.  Well in fact more like 3/4 days by the time paper work is done and arrive home about 2.30-3pm.  Getting my nappy brain into gear has being a bit of a challenge to my confidence.  However I have been reflecting on my consulting style and finding now as  a mother how this tempers my approach.

I have been doing this now for 16 years.  Hard to believe.  You get to see the highs and lows of humanity.  Overall it has been a privlege to be part of people's lives.  To have their trust.

There is a cohort of patients that I really love to see.  Women of a certain vintage that are still standing strong.  Often they are widowed or have never married.  They are of average age 83 years.  They are fiercely independent.  They usually don't have much wrong with them, usually on little or no medication and have some strong but simple health beliefs.  They never complain about being "tired" and don't request a full body CT scan or serum rhubarb (medical slang for every test under the sun).  They often just come in for a chat.  More like a social visit.   They often live alone and many of their friends have passed away.  I love listening to their take on things and they give me great advice about being a Mum and raising children.

They make my day.

Pop over to Maxabella for more thoughts on weekly gratitude.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

an ordinary day

We have been in the land of snot, whining and not eating and baby/toddler clinging to leg and pulling your pyjama pants down and unable to do much of those little things you had planned.  Interspersed with moments of laughter and then going all flopsy and tears tears tears.

I stayed up late consumed doing a new crotchet pattern as I am participating with down to earth's dishcloth swap.  Trying out a few options as want it to be something pretty but very usable.  But this morning realised that had missed a few treble stitches and it has gone all wonky.    Oh well, easy to undo and do in the light of day.  Really love Kirsty's coathanger today.

Our dresser has arrived and have started filling it up.  It is pretty rustic and thinking when a bit more time is available how to spruce it up.  To keep it all white with a fresh coat of paint after a sand back or paint the inside only with a lovely light pastel colour?  The little ceramic slippers were a present for Che from his Aunty Anne.  Anne is a very talented artist.

The day has been gloriously sunny and the morning as been a just filled with washing, watering our pansies and pots of vegies seedlings.  We have planted out beetroot, celery, rocket, rainbow chard, various lettuces and leeks and and dill.  I guess that probably is an acheivement given our little man has been so out of sorts today.

Sometimes there is this nagging dichotomy of enjoying the moment and then being troubled by anticipating the future.  Now that he is now asleep (finally) and there is some time to take a breath.  It would be nice to have someone here to have a cup of tea with.  I wonder how many other Mama's are thinking the same thing at this very moment in time.

Bloggy hugs and a nice cup of tea to you.


Monday, April 11, 2011