Monday, September 20, 2010


This last week we have said good bye to our house that we re-built from the inside out.  It has been an exhausting experience, tinged with sadness and hope.

Saying farewell to people that had become entwined in our lives was hard.  But hopefully we will always be friends.  We really want to keep our connection to the central coast alive.

The last week has been chaotic and messy.  But gradually our new abode is taking shape.  The sky is big and open and spring is only just begining to emerge.  The nights are very chilly.

This morning we ventured out to a local playgroup at the Anglican church.  A most beautiful setting.  The group is for 0-5 yr olds.  There were even newborns there.  The church ladies provide morning tea.  It was lovely.

Everything is now so close.  The people are very friendly, everyone says Hello on the street.  On Saturday night we walked around the streets to admire the old wooden houses and come across a little gathering of neighbours having wine and a bbq on the verge. They were celebrating the success of their  garage sale.  They invited us for a drink and a sausage.  We  found an old solid dining table perfect for our new spot for eating,  amongst their wares.

On Sunday we went to the local farmers market and purchased lots of yummie goodness.

I think it will be good living here

Thursday, September 2, 2010

saying goodbye

Over the last few weeks I have been saying farewell to my much loved patients whom many have become like friends.  Their kind words and parting gifts mean a lot.

A very beautiful solar etching from Anna.  Thank you so much.

Today I meet my colleagues for a farewell lunch.  Baby slept poorly last night and is having now a big morning sleep.

A bit grey and sultry for the second day of spring.  Mother nature is amazing.  I have neglected my kitchen garden for the last 3 months.  It has still provided me with gorgeous broad beans, spinach and broccoli and rocket(although this has gone a bit bitter).

So wonderful to see all the new buds on our trees.  One of my favourites is the Forest Pansy.  Tiny exquisite pink buds appear briefly. Later in summer large purple green leaves that turn bright orange in autumn and then bare in winter.  I love this tree and would love to plant it  in my new garden if in the right climate.

I sincerely hope all your babes are sleeping well and Mamas all get some well deserved help and rest

take care

xxx Jill