Friday, July 23, 2010

mothers group

Recently our mothers group has started catching up at our abodes rather than bracing ourselves outside coffee shops.  I had not seen all the lovely ladies and bubs for a few weeks and so it was so lovely having a bunch of us at my house.  It was cold wet and raining outside, but the fire made the house all toasty and there was a great feeling of merriment seeing all the bubs together playing on the floor.  Lots of tea and brewed coffee and yummy stuff to eat.

Such a great bunch of women I have to say.  Being a Doctor I have to be honest I felt hesitant and self conscious at first.  But I guess this is entwined with me actually accepting that yes I am a mother now .  I get so much from their friendliness and acceptance.

Reflecting back of my time here on the coast I have at many times felt very lonely.  Working full time, then feeling overwhelmed purshasing a derelict house that really was knock down needing so much time and money for it to be liveable.  Over committed financially.  I guess I am quite house proud and put pressure on us to get things done.  This made me stressed and not much time to explore opportunities locally.  How I ever fell pregnant during this time is a wonder. Too skinny, drinking too much, eating badly.

Now we are moving and feel very sad that we will not be close by to these lovely women and their children. I do hope we can keep in touch and have some reunion over the years.  Would be special for our little man I am sure.

We have plans of moving to the Southern Highlands to be close to Marty's parents for awhile. I am forever moving and this does make it hard to have a sense of community.  But who knows what is around the corner?


sean the prawn said...

jill, it is sad to see you guys leave..all though we haven't spend a huge amount of time with you it has been lovely having you around & part of this funny little community...Please visit often we would love to see Che as he is growing up.
Miss you already.x

margot said...

little ones make it easy to meet new friends...I'm sure you will soon be a part of a new community and be just as happy (if not more, given the new freedom and state of mind!)

i'm a serial-renovator and serial-mover - this is the first time i've stayed still and allowed myself new friendships. i did it for my baby girl and found i actually quite liked it for myself!

technology makes it easy to keep in touch.
looking forward to seeing Che grow into a little boy x you kale still going? mine is 4 weeks old and still gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I have moved around a lot, both as a kid and adult. I went to 8 different schools and have lived in almost every State and Territory in Australia! It's definitely hard hanging onto friends, isn't it? I have finally found where I want to stay for at least a few years and I want my (nearly) 4 month old son to have lifelong friends here.

I like your blog! I'll be dropping in again :)