Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The world i would like to live in....

A world where there was no child abuse.  Where people did not hit their children.  A world where people could speak honestly about their struggles and not feel ashamed or inadequate.  Where children and babies were more welcomed, and heard and seen loud and clear.

A world where there were no puppy factories with little canines not seeing the light of day, stuck lying on a concrete floor in their own excrement.  Where people realised that a pet is for its life and not for convenience.

A world where you could marry your loved one and have a family together, regardless of your chromosomes, without bigotry or defaming and harmful words from others and it was legal.

A world where their was no live export of animals across miles and miles of ocean, suffering without food or water, and for them to meet a gruesome, inhumane fate.

A world where there was no civil war, children and women could walk safely down their own street, have an education and be nourished  with clean food and water.

A world where it was not about having the latest groovy thing.  Not about fashion trends.  Not about getting the most likes.  Living honestly and within your means.

A world where there was more community sharing.  Neighbourhood cook ups.  Sharing the care of children and our elderly. Perhaps communal lawn mowers, clothes dryers, printers, garden tools.  Love the idea of a community garden on your front verge.

A world where people opened their borders to people who are fleeing persecution, war and poverty.

If only our egos would allow.

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