Saturday, May 7, 2011

nature boy

  Today was a very happy day.  We awoke to frost and low lying mist but then this quickly dissolved and the sun and blue sky beckoned to us to forget about our chores for the morning and venture out for a bush walk.  There is an old rail track in Mittagong, The Boxvale track,  where there used to be a deep coal mine around the 1880's.  The rail track is no longer there.  You can see the raised mound where the old tracks were laid.  It is owned by the Department of Lands, so yes dogs are allowed.  The pooches come alive in the bush, like they are puppies again.  It takes some time now as our little man loves to do most of the walking on his own.  Picking up numerous stones, sticks, pods and mushrooms.  He then tires and Dada's shoulders become a welcomed rest spot.

                   We were a wee bit tired on the way home.


A Farmer's Wife said...

It sounds like a gorgeous morning. I love the photo of your little man asleep in his seat.

Felicity said...

A glorious way to spend time together.

I love the way you write Jill - it felt like I was there with you = a gift!

Happy Mother's Day I hope you are spoilt with cuddles and giggles.

xx Felicity

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh he looks totally zonked!! We can't take our German Shepherd bush walking in the ACT as there is rabbit poison everywhere. Plus he chases too many kangaroos, once he created a stampeded of kangaroos hopping over main roads in the middle of the day, ooppss. Love Posie