Monday, May 16, 2011

today i'm loving


    These beautiful Autumn days that bring so much joy, colour and comfort.

    Time to think about our food and menu plan.  Today using left over bbq lamb from yesterday that was still pink in the middle for one of my favourite lamb curries.  Indian food is one of my passions.  I adore mixing the spices, grinding them and exploring the different spices from different regions.  Recently I discovered that  each region has its own blend of garam masala.  We have introduced spice into our little man's meals since early on.  A pinch of cumin, coriander, nutmeg and now he really loves a bit of zing.  I did accidentally once put sweet chilli sauce on his sausages instead of tomato sauce from a bottle.  The faced he pulled was pretty impressive.  I have been to India twice.  Once on my own and then again for a wedding.  A truly amazing place.

   Trying to feel more graceful and gain some ease of movement by doing a daily practice of yoga and meditation.  Many years ago I had an altercation with a train.  Its a long story but I feel asleep whilst driving, my car leapt off the road onto the railway tracks in front of  a train.  Remarkably I only sustained a broken nose and a whiplash type injury to my neck.  Neck pain is now an constant irritation.  With the sleep deprivation and  breastfeeding the tension has been increasing.  Now I haven't been able to sleep because of this ache.    I have been making some time before going to bed to do some simple asanas and a few moments sitting on the meditation cushion, having a big sigh and feeling the emotional release.

  A  lovely package arrived today with a courier.  Thank you so much Posie.

  Hope you have a lovely week and once again thank you for stopping by..


Judith said...

I understand the meditation cushion "sigh" Jill...That space is something I so look forward to.
Beautiful pics of little Che...I love the expression on his face.:)
P.S I have finally become a 'official' follower of your lovely blog:)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Friday nights dinner looks exciting. Your little man is super cute Jill.

Megan.K. said...

Your little guy is so adorable :) I hope he gives you some more rest soon Jill, tiredness can be so debilitating to the mind and body, but the good news is this sleepless stage doesn't go on forever.

btw my eldest daughter gave me a set of those babushka doll cups for mother's day! I love them.

Vicki said...

Hi Jill,
Photo number 3 is adorable, Che's definitely got the gorgeous gene.
Altercation with a train? Now that's an interesting way to put it. Poor you. Pain is a nagging constant that can wear you down, especially when you're sleeping poorly. Good thing is you know to meditate and do some yoga, you seem to be able to just breathe in joy. I once heard Ian Gawler talk on pain, he led the group through a meditation which was very powerful. Also love Petrea King's meditation dvd, I used to put them on for the kids when they were going to sleep (the kiddie ones). I also love the indian spices and make dahl once a week, think I'll grind my own spices now, have you got any tips for the garam masala?
Keep rested,

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that had happened to you. Loved this post and tonight I am going to take a few minutes away from it all and do some yoga poses. It has been a while, but you've reminded me of its importance. Thank you x

m.e (Cathie) said...

thank you for sharing the story of what happened to you with us. hope the stretches help, i think i need some my way.

enjoy the loveliness around you.
hugs ♥