Thursday, May 12, 2011

no more tears

Well not quite.  But I have strong memories of the tears around my hair being brushed by my mother.  All us 3 girls had inherited the strong irish wild fuzzy thick curly hair from my mothers ancestry.  "No MoreTears" was relyed upon to soften this daily grind of a task for my mother.  Not even sure if it is still around.  I avoid going into pharmacies.

Our little man now has a head of  glorious curls.  I dress him in all blue with cars and trains and boystuff prints and black grosby boots.  But he is always been greeted as a "gorgeous girl" by smiling strangers.  His hair has been getting into a few knots on the back of his head.  It has been a task to brush them out.  He has not wanted me to do much for him.  I have never been able to spoon feed him and I am in bit of bind with trying to brush his teeth.  I now just give him the toothbrush and he has a few chews to try and imitate me.  Hence somedays he looks a bit feral.  Almost dreadlocks.

So, I can see other toddler boys having their hair cut.  Very smart and neat crewcuts   But I am thinking that I am happy for his hair to be long.  And its ok if he is a"mummy's boy".  I know this may not always be the case.

And, oh yeh, today he is now 17 months.

Hope everyone is keeping warm in this chilly spell.  Secretly hoping for some snow.


A Farmer's Wife said...

Farmboy had long hair at a similar age. Getting it cut was very traumatic bas he screamed so loudly, so I gave up. Now at age 6 he wants to look like Justin Bieber - oh dear.

Posie Patchwork said...

Well my 4 all were born with a beautiful outline of hair, which just got longer - the the time the girls were 18 months, they'd had many hair cuts & sporting fabulous bobs. By 2 they all had a go at cutting their own hair, only once, phew. I was all about short hair for my son, he was having proper barber shop hair cuts by 10 months, so no flowing curls for him, they ALL have my dead straight thick hair in different shades of blonde. Now he's 7, i still keep his hair super short, no Biebs in this house. Oh, i did keep their first hair cuts though, a little creepy for the baby books, but you know, it's their hair!! Love Posie

Vicki said...

Dearest Jill,

It's good to be back from epic trip! (not quite but you know what I mean) Keep the little darling's curls as long as you can, the time will come soon enough when he will have to conform and have it all cut off. He's a dear little baby still, although don't know why people would confuse him with a girl, perhaps the angelic smile? There is a painting by Sandro Botticelli, Madonna of the Magnificat, where curls are the order of the day, stroll through the Louvre and curls on little boys are golden and prevalent.Make sure you cut one for a locket though as a friend of mine had her little boys' curly hair cut at age 3 and from then on it grew back straight!

ANB said...

The curls are gorgeous! We have just (reluctantly) trimmed Little E's long floppy fringe for the first time as it was constantly in her eyes and she was more interested in putting the cute hair clips we bought her in her mouth than leaving them in her hair. Thanks for visiting me this weekend.