Wednesday, May 4, 2011

looks like we are headed here

                                 for a few months.

                          It is going to be a challenge.

               It's going to be interesting with the little one.

      But it's an adventure and it will help us reach our dreams.

                                Place:  Broken Hill


Kellie said...

Hot hot hot! My Dad and stepmum live in the Hill and we visited in January. Perhaps not the best time of year to visit but it was fun none the less.
Happy moving!

Judith said...

I remember one of your old posts Jill..'Be Brave!' That you are...and I wish you well.

Reach for the stars!

Jude x

Felicity said...

Wowee - this will provide you with some very interesting blogging fodder indeed Jill!

xx F

PS: Ditto for Jude's comment - well said and my sentiments exactly

tea with lucy said...

sounds like an exciting adventure. xo

Alice Becomes said...

wow- this is huge! I have been there once, when we drove across Oz. All i can say is hot, hot , hot. But I see Kellie already beat me to it!

Yes, be brave. What an adventure. and we get to read all about it

Gill xo

Vicki said...

Hi Jill,
Finally back from our road trip and can catch up on your comings and goings. I never know what I'm likely to see here! I used to live in Broken Hill from age 4-7 and I remember it very well, lots of stuff happened there including being caught in a flash flood. Remember how free it was flying down a huge hill with my 3yr old brother on a go-cart, racing the tucks from BHP?Remember the trees and the red dirt but not the heat.
You'll have a ball!