Monday, May 9, 2011

today i'm loving

A little angel left us some preloved clothing from some funky Dude on our front door step. It only just fitted. There was a strong southerly blowing today but our little man was still chomping at the bit to be outside. Perfect attire for an expedition into Mummy's newly made sand pit.

Our backyard is noice and long but a bit suburban. If we end up staying awhile after returning from working out west, I am planning to make a dinosaur garden, more pots of herbs and vegie tubs and would love Dada to put his woodwork skills to good use and build something to climb on.

Our winter greens are coming along, but some little creature is chomping on the celery stalks. I have now decided to try some Derris powder. An old mate of mine swears by this. Otherwise the leaks and beetroot and rocket are going along well too.

I'm loving these gummies I scored for one dollar from a garage sale in astonishingly beautiful Wattamolla. I've been wearing them all day. An old dairy farm had just sold. I also could not go past these little beauties for 5 dollars each.

With the organisation of our kitchen, I had been eyeing off these handmade ceramic bowels from Berrima Pottery. The are perfect for our morning porridge.

It was such a relief to be at home today. I love feeling some sense of control over our lives and making our home warm, calm and running smoothly. I thought about running down to a playgroup and remembered I often come home quite frazzled. Toddler play with older and younger ones seems to be all about Mummy doing damage control. I am conscious of when I will be working fulltime again and how will I cope. Everyday I find more and more of a connection with my son. He does baffle me at times. I find it one of the challenges, getting to know who he is. Everyday is different. Sometimes I'm not up to the challenge. But when the day is all about caring for our lives and bringing us together and I am so focussed on the task and not stressed out about something I cannot actually change, everyone is happy.

And lastly but not in anyway the least, another most glorious angel wrote to me to let me know I was the winner of her most fabulous giveway. The most amazing and capable and lovely Posie. I am so lucky and very very happy. XXXXX.


A Farmer's Wife said...

The scooters are fantastic.

Knowing your children is a funny old business. When Farmboy was a baby he was a complete mystery to me in many ways. When Farmgirl came along, it was like I had know her forever. Now they are older though I feel that I sometimes understand where Farmboy is coming from a lot more than Farmgirl... They change, we change. I think it is all part of the journey....

Marlee said...

Ahaha I have never seen sand in the pool before! What a great idea!!

Oh and I loved the pictures, especially the last one, it seems so relaxing for some reason!

Anonymous said...

My daughter turns 21 this October, and I am still finding new things to learn about her - I dont think you ever learn your children 100%, it's part of what makes them so magical

Lou x

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

just dropped by to wish you a late happy mother's day. better late then never. i love reading about baby che.

Alice Becomes said...

oh my gosh, how cool are the garage sales where you live?!

And i do love the cute little orange suit, another little Dude to take over the style

Gill xo