Monday, May 2, 2011

slow food on a slow day

                   Enthused by the new menu board.
        On Today's  menu was beef, date and spinach tagine.
                  Actually is made in a slow cooker.
                      Recipe from Women's Weekly.

 (I was happily typing out the recipe to share and then started thinking about copyright.  Thence looking further there it was saying not able to be reproduced.  What do others do in this situtation?)

Today was a slow day.  In my mind I had a list but I just could not seem to cross much off.  I shuffled stuff from one bench to the other and starting some dusting.  I did reorganise the towel shelf in the linen closet.

In the morning radio national was a companion in the background.  Listened to the Health Report and Life Matters.  There was the relevations of an interesting long term study on longevity.  Apparently those children that start school later, around 6 years, actually live longer.  Non-structured play and having lots of books around your home also adds years.  Interestingly anti-oxidants have yet to be shown to have this effect.

In the afternoon we went on our favourite sojourn to Berrima.  Here the dogs and little and big man can have a walk in the bush, we can get a coffee/hot choccie and yummo pastry from the Gumnut Pattiserie and I can pop into the antique shops for a quick perusal.  On Saturday we were there as well with some lovely friends who came to visit.  An added bonus was discovering the sprouting of many pine saffron mushrooms.  We know the right ones to pick.  The little man took his role quite serioulsy.  Placing them carefully into his own satchel. Simply pan- fried with butter they are delish.

Have you ever gone and picked your own mushrooms? (Culinary rather than hallucinogenic).

Once again, thanks for stopping by.  Hope a lovely, slow and restful week is on the agenda.

xo jill


Posie Patchwork said...

On the recipe thing, i tend to just not even publish recipes (written or photos which show them in books) as i'm so NOT a cook, for love or enjoyment, purely as i have to feed my family!! If i was to reproduce a recipe from a book, i'd shoot it exactly as you have done.
Berrima, such a lovely place, ahhh, those wooden toys are amazing (i think they are made by prisoners??) I do like the ice creamery.
How interesting that older children in kindergarten live longer, surely that is some um, 'Depression era' starting group?? I wonder?? Thing is, i held onto my July baby, then she skipped a year, so she's back being young again, so she got a win win.
What a lovely slow day, i'm planning many in my world, speedy while at the gym, then cruisey. Love Posie

A Farmer's Wife said...

I only blog recipes I have made up or have been passed on to me. If I am writing about baking something from a book, I often google the recipe, if I find it on the authors site or I just link to it! Like yourself I am pretty aware of copyright.

The above casserole looks amazing and I am now off to google the recipe!