Thursday, February 17, 2011

28 days of gratitude - days 13 to 17 - 5 days of pondering

Over the last 5 days have felt a bit over myself and a bit sad.  Still grieving a bit and being back on the coast made me miss everyone so much.  We camped in a cottage near our old house.  It felt like it should still be ours somehow.

Our little man is unwell again and in this morning I will be brave enough to take him to ED.  I think he may have pneumonia.

Poor little Chester pooch has a ruptured knee ligament and is currently fasting for his booked in operation in a few hours time.  Too much ball chasing.  Those days are now over.

Danny boy, well he is having a great time.  He had a big Vet check up recently as he was really pulling up slow and panting hard.  He has been cleared of heart failure and now on daily medications for his arthritis.  He wants to be a pup again and is sometimes even being a bit of a pain.  I don't know how many times I say not to sleep on the couch.  He has been quite boisterous and even Che has been  pushing his butt out of the way.  Go Dan !

We are now officially a one car family.  We said goodbye to our trusty old 1993 Subaru wagon.  This car has been up and down this continent.  We lived out of it for 6 months when I left the Northern Territory and locumed around Western NSW in 2005.  It eventually became Dada's car and smelt and looked like it too.  Full of chip wrappers, sand, tools, dog vomit in the dash covered up with leaf mulch.  Lots of little dings.  Now wonder the wrecker only gave us 200 bucks.

Pondering deeply there have been a few things that come to mind that I am grateful for these last 5 days.

1. Getting an early night

2. Although have been a bit ambivalent lately, still so grateful to be able to breast feed sick bubba and keep him well hydrated.

3. Even though our littleman has been sick he still gives me the most gorgeous smile and loves a tickle.

4. Doggy greetings when arrive home after a day at work.  They still folllow me into the loo, tails wagging with overflowing happiness.

5.  Friends, I cherish you so much.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time. I hope Che and Chester are both feeling much better at the end of the day and that you find a few moments to yourself. Thinking of you x

Vicki said...

Oh so much happening all seems to come at once, who can work this life out? At this time just do what you absolutely need to do which it certainly sounds as if you are doing that...don't worry about all the other stuff, that's overload and you can/may not catch it up later.
All we can do is go with the flow...
Also thinking of you