Sunday, February 27, 2011

28 days of gratitude days 26-27 - nearly 15 months old

He loves - 5am snuggles in Mummy's bed.  Sharing food with us and doggy mates.  Drinking water from the dog's bowl and picking food from Chester's in particular.  Picking grapes from the fruit market shelves and cherry tomatoes from the vines out the back.  He always gives a stranger a smile and they smile back.  Constantly pointing and following the birdies.  Loves raspberries blown onto his belly after a bath.  Starting to shake his head  gesturing a big "no!".  Is a collector of all types of sticks, rocks and seed pods.  In the afternoon really just wants to be carried around on the hip and kept close.  Has started wearing my undies on his head.  Would much rather be having booby more than anything else.

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