Saturday, February 5, 2011

28 days of gratitude - day 5 - the local pool and old mates that drop by

 Another day of overwhelming heat. To have your own pool to cool yourself  to the core would just raise that threshold from the feeling of loosing it.  Photo above from dear friends pool over xmas/newyear.  You guys are so LUCKY.

But thank goodness for the local pool  Bowral pool has large grassy areas with lots of shade.  Now I can sit as a Mum in the baby pool.  Always dreamed of doing that.

Strong memories of  Lawson Pool.  As a primary schooler, I would walk with my sisters and brother to the pool ourselves, about 2km walk.  We would spend all day there.  Keeping an eye out for each other.  Then we would walk home all sun kissed to be served fresh salad (basically iceberg lettuce, tinned beetroot, sliced cucumber and tomato) and devon for tea.  Then water melon and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Then if Sunday night watch Countdown and then play records , read and then off to bed.

My old boss dropped in to say Hi, this afternoon.  So glad we are still friends.

Lovely to join Maxabella in her weekly thoughtful posts on being grateful


sean the prawn said...

Mmmmmm devon salad, I can almost taste it..brings back memories. Che looks so grown up in that photo, turning into a little boy.
Over 40 here today as well Jill, within a few days back lawn has gone from lush green to deady bones.Have been hosing down the chooks & hope Ella(cat) has found somewhere cool/er to rest this one out.

Maxabella said...

I have such fond memories of our local pool when I was a kid too. The long walk down, the echo of laughter across the water, that first icy splash, the fun of diving right to the bottom. Lovely! x

Anonymous said...

Lovely list of things to be grateful for. It's hot here to and we're surrounded by some horrible bushfires. Longing for some rain. We're taking the offspring for a swim this afternoon just to cool them off as well. Hope you have a lovely week x

Vicki said...

What a happy baby! Living in the moment. Your chilhood pool visits remind me of mine, that smell of pink zinc, chlorine, hot chips, children running everywhere despite the signs and 'Inspectors' as they called themselves, the turnstiles where you put the token you'd bought for 50p, wading through the baby pool on your way to the 'big pool' and it was always hot. Our tea's were often left overs from lunch, cold roast and tomato with mashed potato. Disneyland or Countdown. Always read. Then lights out at 8.30pm promptly.
I wonder what Che's memories will be like?