Tuesday, February 1, 2011

28 days of gratitude - day 1- lazy wistful days of summer

This being my birthday month I would like to take each day to think deeply about all the little things in life that make me happy and grateful for who and where I am.

Today was sweltering.  We were putting up a shed to store our tools and gardening equipment.  It all got a bit too much.  You definitely had to read the instructions.  Amazing how the simple hose gave such immediate and cheery relief.

Over the last week our little man has been taking a few more confident steps.  Then looking really chuffed and then plonk onto bottam.  Today he was really walking so much more than crawling.

Our days over this Summer have been very simple.  We have both been home a lot together as a family.  This decision for myself not to return to fulltime work has made us sell our house, move, rent, and search for new a community.  Each day passes with only very ordinary things happening.  Cooking, cleaning, shopping, chatting, potting plants, breast feeding, talking to friends on the phone, walking the dogs.  I will cherish this time.

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