Friday, February 4, 2011

28 days of gratitude - day 4 - thunder and lightening

Everyone I met today during consultations or walking down the street were expressing the weariness of our current temperatures.  The relentless heat has been sapping our energy and making a few people feel on edge.

After my morning sesssion I arrived home to have lunch with my family.  Marty makes the best toasted sandwiches in Australia.  Our little man had been too excited to go down for his midday sleep earlier so after a cool down with the hose outside and then off to the cool dark room for that cherished breast feed and wind down.

As we cuddled in the usual position of me half falling asleep propped against large pillows, the sky rumbled and roared.  I could see the flash of lightening through the blind.  The storm was very close.  The air felt charged and we were all safe and he was all like a little baby again, snuggled in, with his nakedness , suckle, suckle.

He then opened his eyes and started playing with my hair and poking his fingers in my mouth and said Mamma.  He then closed his eyes and was asleep.


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Vicki said...

What a day Jillian, full of vital life, helping patients,sharing lunch, being aware of your all senses in the impending storm and giving and receiving love with the darling Che. Hang onto all these precious moments because one day you'll look out your window and you'll see a grown man bounding up the path with a bunch of flowers for mamma's birthday.