Thursday, February 3, 2011

28 days of gratitude - day 3 - team effort

Today I am so grateful for Marty's perseverence and my friend Maren's constant helping hand.  We have been putting up this silly fiddly shed from that well known hardware mutlinational for what seems like days now.   We needed something temporary but still sturdy.  It certainly would not survive a category 1 cyclone.  Here I was the negative one.  Prancing around saying "its not going to work".  "We should organise to dismantle what we have done and take it back".  "Maybe we should not have even put up a shed?".  Man can I be a pain in the butt.

We have needed to buy extra screws and braces to make it stay firm.  We are only renting so could not put down concrete slab.  Grrrrrr.  Nothing is ever easy is it?

Remarkably through the above ignoring my whining, they just got on with the job.  In this continued heat wave.  I decided to come inside with my tail between my legs and make every one a great supper.  Saganaki and mixed green salad with asparagus and snake beans and baby spinach.  Also baked pumpkin and quinoa salad. For a treat gin and tonic with lots of lime.  Bubba loved the salads.

This morning he slept till 8.30 am,  Bit out of the blue.

Thank you for putting up with me.

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Vicki said...

Hmm, men need to hear the observations of women, we have a different perspective on sheds, they actually expect us to say what we do! The meal sounds rather exotic and accompanied by the G&T's could really be on an island!
Buba's sometimes sleep in if they have a mentally/physically stimulating day as you already know Jillian and I can imagine his days to be very full of interest. It's been said that the days for toddlers are akin to us going to a foreign county and not being able to speak the language, not being able to find our way around and then going to a museum for 9 hours on top of all that! All those neurones to make!