Thursday, April 14, 2011

an ordinary day

We have been in the land of snot, whining and not eating and baby/toddler clinging to leg and pulling your pyjama pants down and unable to do much of those little things you had planned.  Interspersed with moments of laughter and then going all flopsy and tears tears tears.

I stayed up late consumed doing a new crotchet pattern as I am participating with down to earth's dishcloth swap.  Trying out a few options as want it to be something pretty but very usable.  But this morning realised that had missed a few treble stitches and it has gone all wonky.    Oh well, easy to undo and do in the light of day.  Really love Kirsty's coathanger today.

Our dresser has arrived and have started filling it up.  It is pretty rustic and thinking when a bit more time is available how to spruce it up.  To keep it all white with a fresh coat of paint after a sand back or paint the inside only with a lovely light pastel colour?  The little ceramic slippers were a present for Che from his Aunty Anne.  Anne is a very talented artist.

The day has been gloriously sunny and the morning as been a just filled with washing, watering our pansies and pots of vegies seedlings.  We have planted out beetroot, celery, rocket, rainbow chard, various lettuces and leeks and and dill.  I guess that probably is an acheivement given our little man has been so out of sorts today.

Sometimes there is this nagging dichotomy of enjoying the moment and then being troubled by anticipating the future.  Now that he is now asleep (finally) and there is some time to take a breath.  It would be nice to have someone here to have a cup of tea with.  I wonder how many other Mama's are thinking the same thing at this very moment in time.

Bloggy hugs and a nice cup of tea to you.



rhonda jean said...

I bet a lot of them are. It's such a great thing to have a friend or family close by. Your photos are quite beautiful, so is your family. I just LOVE your dresser and your dishcloth. I'm pleased you joined the swap.

Judith said...

Just pouring the tea now Jill....sugar? milk? :) Think you would be good company!
Jude x

m.e (Cathie) said...

i am here for our tea & chat Jill.
i've had your post up for hours waiting for a chance to comment! love the dresser.

hope you have a good night & since it got late we'll have to do our virtual tea in the morning ♥

Vicki said...

Hi Jill,
We'd all make such a nice group would'nt we. I'll bring my carrot cake,it's ages since I made it. The dresser was a good find, love it, you could paint it a different colour every couple of years?You'll wonder how you did without it before too long. Can baby Che get any more gorgeous! Love photo no. 6. I'm partaking in Rhondas' swap too, just made sample no. 2, they're stretching too much, what fun if I was making a jumper with beanie to match!

Felicity said...

Shazam! There's the dresser and it looks fantastic.

If tea is on offer and Vicki's bringing her carrot cake I think there will be many of us tapping at your kitchen window to have a lovely chat around your table.

x Felicity

PS Loving the angles of your photos in today's post