Sunday, April 24, 2011


The Easter break seems to come around at just the right time, does'nt it?  I think everyone feels just a little depleted, especially this year.  I'm wondering what Easter means to everyone?  Not being of a demoninational religion, although christened a Catholic, I do feel that it is the recognition of the suffering of the innocent.  There has been so much of this of late.  So  grateful to be able to pace ourselves and enjoy this beautiful shining season.

Our Easter started with my Parents arriving and then a visit from a much loved uncle.  We've had a few doggies mates stay.  Having those extra pair of hands to wrangle baby, clean and cook lots of comfort food is a blessing.

Meet  Missy.

We have been exploring and op shopping.  Really loving these little loaf baking pans.

This was the first time our Parents have met.  The thought has always made me nervous.  They all hit it off.   Today we had a yummy lunch.  BBQ lamb with lemon and rosemary marinade.  Roasted Kipfer potatoes and pumpkin, roasted carrots and steamed brussel sprouts.  This was all topped off with home made salsa verde and home made gravy.  Delicious.  The cake was a treat from the local Gumnut bakery.

Our little boy is such a Trojan.  Despite a high fever of 39 degrees he was still up for a egg hunt.  He learnt to peel them very quickly.  So much fun!

Phew, after all the eating, drinking and exploring a little lie down and breast feed was needed.  A 40 minute kip to recharge.  I could hear the Currawongs singing to each other and see through my bedroom window families enjoying a late afternoon walk.  All so comforting.

Tomorrow my stepfather is participating in the local Anzac march.  So much history for our little man to learn.

Sincerely hoping everyone has had a very peaceful and happy Easter.

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Felicity said...

This post put a broad smile on my face.

The joy of connection, the warmth of a shared meal garnished with laughter [love the setting btw] and the peace of the late afternoon rest for some or a bracing autumn walk for others with the Currawongs sharing their music with all.

Happy Easter to you and all whom you cherish,

xx Felicity

PS I spy a lovely dresser in the corner!