Tuesday, April 5, 2011

thrifty storage

In an ongoing attempt to get organised and be comfy, I put my name on the kitchen dresser above.  Our kitchen is cosy, but the glasses are in with the cereal and coffee mugs are on the kitchen bench.  Everytime  I sneak into Dirty Jane's I have to restrain myself from putting my name on so many lovely vintage rustic gems.  Che really loved the old horsie.  The dresser gets delivered this Friday.  Marty doesn't know yet.

Have discovered that our house that we lovingly restored and sold last year is being sold again.  Don't know why but this makes me feel sad and I am feeling regretful about selling.  It was such a labour of love restoring what most people would have considered a knock down.  But then we were in mortgage stress.  I would not be spending all his precious time with my son.  My days are now blissful.  I have to remind myself that I used to cry  a lot in the car on the way to work.  We have learnt so much and now have a bit more nouse and skills for when the time is right for us to purchase again.  In the meantime, yes being comfy is pretty good.


Alice Becomes said...

if your days are noe blissful, you are obviously right where you should be...what a wonderful thing


hiumeshSINGH said...

Thanks for sharing this post with me. I want to keep my house like this.