Thursday, April 28, 2011

kitchen dreams

Since having renovated an old house once.  Basically  rebuilding it from the inside out.  I have come to realise that I am addicted to ploughing through magazines and blog sites of old country kitchens.    I love the eclectic modern country look with a touch of rustic and industrial. The above image is from Coastal Living magazine.  It is just a glimpse, but to me it has all the features that would make me very happy, cooking, chatting and dreaming in.

There is the walk in pantry with old blue screen door.  The little nook for laptop and desk to blog whilst cooking!  The old enamel sink  and the aspect of looking into many other rooms.  The wide space for kids to rumble about on the beautiful wooden floors.  The cooker is on the other side, someone can be stirring the rissotto  and not be in the way of others making salad on the lovely mosaic tiled serving bench.  This bench has others seated sipping wine and chatting about their daily escapades.  There is a lovely rustic dining table just hinted in the front where we all will be sharing the meal.  Then there is the architectural elements.  The remarkably high ceilings.  The wood panelling throughout painted white.  The angles of the room add so much interest.  The industrial lighting.

When we are ready, and find our  home and then  perhaps set out on renovating again, I hope to return to this image to remind me and direct me to what I really like.

Cross fingers, one day...


Maxabella said...

Oh I love this too! I see lots and lots of cleaning with all that white, but it would be soooo worth it! x

tea with lucy said...


there are so many elements of this that i am going to use. starting with the pantry screen door...

this kitchen has soul. love it!

sean the prawn said...

Can imagine you beautiful three, oops five in that kitchen. So great to read your blog posts & to catch up on some of what is happening in you'd life. Sorry to hear Che wasn't well for his Easter egg hunt, bet he loved finding those choccies. Our kids were so excited to find their eggs outside their bedroom door.
I loved just dagging around with my two for the school holidays.
Che looks so adorable & full of life in your pics.
Big kiss to you guys. X

Em said...

I love that door too! Pic saved to my 'inspiration' photo file ;)

I am a shocker for collecting pictures of ideas for decorating. In fact I am currently sitting down with a pile of Country Home Ideas etc magazines cutting out my fave pictures to go in my scrapbook :D (Now we just need to buy a house for me to renovate and decorate!!!)