Sunday, April 10, 2011


Words.  Getting them right.  Sometimes they fail you and the less said the better.  With all the good intentions unwittingly they can be hurtful.  You learn so much about yourself.  Then rushing in and trying to fix things.  In a deep hole.

 More learnt by doing rather than saying.  Does this ring true for you?

On a lighter note, this little piggy went to Market:

Tonka truck from garage sale on route.  So good to be able to just walk there.  But little man no longer wants to be in the stroller, so more room for storage.    Lots of fresh yummy produce.  Seedlings for our vegie patch.

Raining today. 

Heavy in contemplation. 

Enough said I think

xo jill


Alice Becomes said...

my nanna always tell me

dont' talk about it, do something

Talk, as they say, can be cheap. The older I get the more truth I find in this statement

You do seem contemplative!

Gill xo

Vicki said...

Hi Jill,
What a difficult's all relative. Most times we get it right, sometimes we don't. Hurtful words said with a good intention wash away and are gone, a misunderstanding is just that.
Bargain with the tonka truck. But then we know you know how to source!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Thank you. In trying to put this jigsaw puzzle of life together, I tried to awknowledge an old connection. In an up beat moment of mine I think I made someone's suffering seem insignificant, in their eyes. It was simply a misunderstanding. I hope it will wash away. There are so many layers are'nt there?

Anonymous said...

Misunderstandings are so truly upsetting. You know what you meant by your words - but somehow the meaning was misplaced in the translation. I hope things smooth over soon xx

Anonymous said...

I understand;have been in that deep hole too.
Through your words I can tell you have a good heart..the old connection would know that....
time will heal and it will wash away.

Such heartfelt honesty.
Jude x '

tea with lucy said...

hope you make your way out of that hole soon. sounds like an innocent mistake. xo

Nicole said...

someone said something to me last week that could be seen as hurtful...but i knew in their heart that they didn't mean it. it was just awkwardness causing it. i felt their care for me even though they didn't get it just right. and i loved them for trying.

it does sound like an innocent mistake!