Monday, April 18, 2011

a short trip

A short  trip to the big smoke of Sydney town.  We put those stinky dogs in "Doggie Prison" (they love it) and stayed in a new friends place in groovy Summer Hill.  Amanda is so lucky to now be holidaying in France.  A lovely one bedroom art deco flat.  It was a nice little reprieve but like always,  now glad to be home.

Able to join in the celebration of Anne's birthday (Marty's sister)  and catch up with those handsome smart Cuzs'.

Living in a second floor flat with a narrow stairwell and always conscious of the screeching that a  little toddler makes is not easy.  But so many people obviously  cope.  So grateful for our big backyard. 

Great to do some people watching.   We did see some that have no home of their own. 

There is an appeal in the decaying grandeur of those old inner west houses with their tropical gardens and faded patina.

It was wet and grey so not many snaps taken.  Birthday brunch at Blackwattle Bay in Glebe.  The striking juxtaposition of native bush and hard indusrty.

We were all pretty exhausted once home in our little warm abode.  We are all a bit snotty and bronchitic.  The doggies were very happy to see us.  Preparing for our Easter visitors and thinking about sorting out my "cupboards of shame" - the linen cupboard.  (And the rest).

What are you up to this week?  Hope you are having a good one!

Thanks for dropping by..


Judith said...

A cute family what you are wearing Jill!
Glad you enjoyed your short break.
I'm on school holidays(I work in kindergarten)so enjoying slow days.
Off to see Bob Dylan play tomorrow night with husband ,daughter and her boyfriend..looking forward to that!
Happy Tuesday to you:)
Jude x

Maxabella said...

That's my old stomping ground! Glad you enjoyed yourselves. x

Alice Becomes said...

oh the cupboard of shame! now i know all about this, still tackling the laundry of shame I am afraid

Lovely little family picture there, wonderful that you got a little break in there..

Oh and People watching is a guilty pleasure of mine

Gill xo