Monday, April 4, 2011


We have been doing a bit of bush bashing of late.  Great to get out with bub in pack on back and stride out.  Dada has a habit of taking us off the path to find special vantage points.  The dogs love it.  The old boys get a new lease of life. We have'nt done the camping thing yet.  We tend to want to go places where we can take the dogs too.  Looking forward to maybe being in the dry in the Kimberley soon.  Wonder how little chap will be sleeping out in a swag?  Think he will probably be in ours.

The days have become instantly shorter.  I am really liking hardly working and being at home in that special time of the day.   You feel the chillness starting to seep in.  Quick get the clothes off the line, everyone inside.  Early tea, warm bath and into bed by 6.30pm.  Yeh!


Felicity said...

I love your last line as it truly encapsulates autumn evenings.
Your little bean looks gorgeous and the final image is truly frameable.

Here's to a wonderful day!

x Felicity

Anonymous said...

Love the backpack shot - your matching expressions are priceless!

Alice Becomes said...

i love you last line too! makes me wish for a little bit of autumn. it is still so warm here, it may as well be summer!

gorgeous photos

Gill xo

Beck said...

Another gorgeous post. Loved the steps shot and your descriptions of the bush and autumn. I love autumn too, it's just perfect. Sunny days and cold nights, just the way I like it xo