Monday, April 25, 2011

lest we forget

On a grey Autumn day our Popman who served in the Vietnam War, marched in the local Anzac Day march in Bowral.  There was quite a crowd.  I always find it very moving.  I find myself pondering on the faces of our elderfolk and especially the women.  The memories that must come flooding back.  The grief and the mateship and the everlasting feeling of hope.  Seeing the awe of the little kiddos faces is touching.

We scurried back to a warm cafe for lunch and then headed home.  Popman ran into some other diggers who served on the Sydney Naval Boat too. He and Mum are now next door having some drinky poos.  Baby now asleep and Dada is sitting down to watch the traditional Anzac Day AFL Footy Match.

Have a lovely day.


Felicity said...

We're so lucky to have wonderful people like your Popman in this country and I agree with you as my thoughts turn to the people who support[ed] and love[d] them.

Loving your photos, especially all of those glorious autumn leaves!

xx Felicity

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

What a beautiful post - I love the photos, particularly the first two. :-)