Friday, July 2, 2010

renovations - le derriere

This was the back side of our house  at the first time of home onwnership.  There was no garden and the  enclosed veranda was practically falling off.  There were old frosted louvres that were so rusted they could not be opened.  The floor boards were rotten away and the internal lining was all broken pieces of masonite.

About 18 months ago with the help of a builder we gutted this back portion.  Re-stumping, recycled tarrow wood floor boards,  reclaimed casement windows, new internal wood lining.

Eventually we build our own back deck, and our garden has grown around us.


sean the prawn said...

Wow Jill, It looks so beautiful now..I had forgotten just how bare it was when you guys purchased it.

miss hill said...

gorgeous. i want to visit