Friday, March 25, 2011

hand planed and kneaded

Very proud of Dada's hand made bread board.  Made from rough pieces of timber all hand planed and beautifully finished.  Now his onto his next project hand made mallet.  Hmmm, not sure if that will come to be handy for awhile but apparently it is quite a challenge.  No glue, everything has to be hand turned and fit exactly.

Ventured into making home made damper yesterday.  Devoured by moi straight from the oven.  Also spent the time with baby asleep making home made vegie, white bean and rice soup.  Little tanties now at the dinner table turning his nose up to Mama's cooking.  Gave up and decided to give it to Chester and Dan as an extra treat.  Then it all went quiet out the back whilst stacking the dishwasher.  Walked out, and there was the little chap eating that very soup from the dog's bowl.

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melissa said...

That home made damper on the home made bread board looks delish!