Saturday, March 12, 2011

grateful for - affection from - les enfants des autres

This is a photo of myself and my nephew Bodhi a few years ago.  He is now a preschooler.  Isnt he a cutie?  We live at opposite ends of the state,  so catching up has been a bit hard of late.  Miss you guys.

Through this whirlwind of uncertainty in our lives, stories of devastation in near and faraway places, I have been touched by little moments of affection by littlies that I don't even really know.

In our kindamusic class, other toddlers waddling up and sitting on my lap and giving me a hug.

A four year old girl sheepishly cuddling into my thigh and being a bit teary telling me that the boys won't play with her at our Monday playgroup.  This is a large swarm of kids and I didn't know who her Mummy was.  I sat down and had a little chat with her about her own life.  She hovered a short time and then ran off skipping.

My own little man has been waking quite frequently during the night again since recovering from whooping cough.  At the library story time he became very restless and really wanted a breast feed.  I thought ok but felt a bit self conscious amongst the large room of Mums, Dads, grandparents and kiddies. I do find people look twice when you are still feeding a toddler.   I guess me doing this may have made another Mother with a newborn sit down next to me and do the same.  A very sweet looking 2 years old girl was sitting on the other side of me with her Grandmother.  She leant back and hooked her arm through my leg and rested there listening to the story.  Her Grandmother looked and prompted her to come away.  I said "it ok" and she stayed there.

Very grateful for these moments of sweet tenderness.

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Have a lovely weekend.


Maxabella said...

It's lovely that you took the time to really listen to that little girl. It was all she really needed!

And yes, he is utterly adorable as a baby. Looking at those big, interested eyes, I'm sure Bodhi goes fine as a preschooler too!! x

beck said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed being in your space and reading your heartfelt words. You seem like a very warm and kind person, I bet that the children can sense this! Take care xo

Anonymous said...

hi jillian

first time Ihsve ever commented on a blog,but just had to say I love deux chiens et un garcon!

Your posts are so honest and you seem to speak from the heart.

Amongst all the blogs that are out there I think yours does truly shine!

Jude x

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Hi Jude

thank you so much for stopping by. Lovely words of encouragement. Thank you. Hope you have a lovely week

Ruth said...

Hi Jill
Great job with the breastfeeding, If I could have breastfed as long as you have managed to then I hope that I would have been proudly feeding in public too. What an amazing job you have done for your little cutie.