Saturday, March 26, 2011

mr puss and jake - grateful for

I know this blog has dog's reining supreme but the master of the household used to be mr puss.  He was my first baby.  My first pet since leaving home.  After years of being petless with doing 2 degrees and living in college and then shared student accomodation in Melbourne, I started working as a junior dr in a hospital in Sydney.  This little boy was a forlorn kitten found in a litter abandoned at the back of the carpark.  I responded to a hand written ad on the staff notice board and took him home to my flat in Waverton.  What a mr personality he was.  That perculiar trait of the feline to be aloof and contained and then ever so smoochy and loving.  He was so uncompromising.  This is who I am and I dont give a stuff.  He was the best ratter.  He would line them up in neat rows.  I have lost count in the number of house moves I have done, I think perhaps 35.  He has gone walkabout and being missing for a few months when he must of got jack of what was  going down.  Only to reappear, either living life in the drains evidently, all skin and bone, or otherwise living the high life with a Polish Jewish pensioner.   When we finally left the Northern Territory my  dear Mother opened her house and accepted him and his comrade and fully embraced his wayward ways.  Here he became the retired old gent.  A wise feline soul and would often not make an appearence until later in the day , venturing out from underneath the doona and demand a feed and then cuddle up top of the sofa until oh yes bedtime again.  He passed away a year ago, a ripe 16 years.

And then there was Jake.  Sweet beautiful ginger boy.  Obviously was feeling clucky and got pussy cat number 2 , spotting him all alone in pet shop window.  One of my many impulsive purchases.  By now was living in house in Artarmon, junior resident, coping with night shift and ever increasing anxiety of what had I got myself into.  Was thinking of leaving medicine altogether.  Jake was the gentle half of the dynamic duo.  Even tempered.  Constantly seeking your love and approval.  Much loved by labrador and slightly teased by cavoodle.  He made a great comrade with mr puss.  For 2 male cats to get on so well, was all due to Jake.  You know that type of pussycat that follows you out to the clothes line.  He lies across your morning newspaper, and sits on arond your neck whilst watching the tele.  He did go missing twice.  Both times adopted by another family who wanted to claim him as their own.  My Mother loved him so much.  She cared for both pussycats for the last 5 years.  He passed away last week, 15 years of age.

A special note to my Mother for embracing these two rogues and and making their final days full of love and warmth.  My Mother, Mrs Dolittle.

Keen to read other's thoughts today.  Join Maxabella and her hosting sister for bundle full of gratefullness.


MultipleMum said...

It is nice that you still have so much time (and love) for your cats after the little people entered your life! I don't know how you juggle kids and pets but you are surely doing a fab job! Thanks for linking x

beck said...

Ahh...pussy cats, such special ones you have known. I love the connection with your mum too, she must have known & loved them well too. What would life be without our animal friends? Much emptier I think. I look back on my beloved pets sometimes and always with a smile and love in my heart. Like you, I could never forget them. Hope you are having a happy weekend, thanks for stopping by x