Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Just felt like doing a post on nothing in particular.  You now when you have all this stuff buzzing around in your head.  Sometimes it is best to keep silent and keep processing these thoughts until they transform into something sensible.  But today I had the need just to sit and ramble.  Maybe I could do a weekly post about nothing.  A bit Seinfield- like or that radio session with James Valentine on Radio National.

One thought comes to mind about babies.  Why are they such crazy kooks?  Why are they really not of this world at birth and take so long to become like someone who you can happily sit in a cafe with?.

I do a one morning session on Wednesdays and its Dada's job to put Bubba down for midday sleep.  It is best if I dont come home in the middle of this and blow everything away.  So I take the opportunity to go down to this old style cafe, with lovely sandwiches made with white bread cut into triangles and have a very milky flat white and not feel rushed and sit and take big deep breaths and sit up straight.  I ended up reading the local rag.  This area is very well serviced apparently by highly regarded schools.  There is even a boarding primary school  for boys ( apparently Patrick White and Malcom Fraser were little boys there) and private specialized pre-schools.  I even think some people move here just for the schools.  Anyway they had an educational segment with big glossy ads claiming how they can turn your child into his or her very best.  Along side this was interviews with school heads stating concern about "helicopter parenting"  and apparently the worse kind "the black hawks".

It made me reflect on my own schooling.  I just bumbled along,  trying not to get into a fight by avoiding the school oval at all costs.  There where certain girls who made my life hell.  I could probably have done without their harassment and calling me a "mole" all the time.  But I remember feeling "who cares?".  I didnt think much of them anyway.  Not very buddhist of me.  See I am rambling.  I of couse deplore all sorts of bullying  and would hate my son to have anyone think badly of him.  But really the world is made of all sorts and sometimes maybe it is better to let things just wash over you.

Yours in rambling thoughts

ps. just wanted to add, not bitter and twisted, just rambling


Anonymous said...

Who would, unless absolutely essential, send their primary school aged child to board?! I do love your rambles. Coherent and conversational. Very well done!

Trish@Show and Tell said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Just popping in to check out your blog. Love it! Am now following.
Look forward to reading more soon!


Vicki said...

Hi jill,

Well, if that's talking about 'nothing in particular' I'd like to see you with a challenging subject, eg, education, mother's time out etc! Re the schools, Principals factoring in 'helicopter' parenting in advertising material for their schools is a psychological strategy, aimed at helping us to 'let go' of our darling child. Schools can't 'turn' children into their 'best' or even their 'very best'. Private schools are a business and their clientele are children with parents with disposable income. My children (5) over the years have been to public, private, Montessori, academically selective, catholic and now the last 2 are in a programe which will put them into early entry at University, by far the best experience of them all.Opps think you've started me on my fav subject!
PS your second paragraph made me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

Jillian....Never commented on a blog before. Just wanted to say I think your blog is lovely...honest and real. Look forward to reading your posts! :) Jude